The art of designing luxury model apartments

The history of model homes can be traced back to the 1950s when the advent of suburbs had just begun. Most of you must be aware with the concept of model homes but for the people who are not so sure let us take a moment and review it briefly. Model homes are primarily units that are put together and presented by the interior designers and the home developers to extend a fair idea to the prospective buyers that how will be house look when it is fully furnished. The potency of the model homes have only increased with time as they have attracted more and more buyers over the years.

One of the major facts about model homes is that they attract the attention of buyers who are based overseas as they tend to buy a lot of homes only based on the model homes they see. More and more home developers are picking the idea of model homes and designing them in a luxurious manner in order to lure more people towards the newly built buildings. People today highly rely on the look and design of the model homes as these sample homes present them with an idea of a wonderful home and they picture themselves in it. That is why the developers are spending more than planned on the model homes. Let us take this discussion further and list a few examples for a better understanding of the concept.

Model homes: when the homes sell themselves


A 326 unit building located in Manhattan; 515 East 72 no less than 3 houses with the exact same plan as that of the model home were sold in a time span of merely two weeks after the revelation of the model by the developers. This is just one example and you will find a lot many if you dig deep. If we take the example of the same building mentioned above then you will observe from the facts that only two houses were sold from it in the last year and this was prior to the revelation of the model home. So you see the impact the model homes have on the people who are looking to buy houses.

Let us move our focus to a building located in Miami which sold not one or two but six units in only one week and you will be surprised to know that the price range of the houses in that building is somewhere between $1 million to $4 million. The model home for this particular building was sold off at $1.65 million and is brilliantly designed and has glass flooring and occupies around 2608 square foot area. The designers and the developers have a theory regarding the growing popularity of model homes and according to them it is the rush of the buyers from overseas that is causing the rise in demand. The buyers from overseas have everything but time and prefer to move in as soon as possible.


This is one of the major reasons that the home developers spend such huge amounts on designing a model home as most of the buyers take no time in buying the model home exactly as it is. If you observe closely then you’ll find that the designers of the model apartments or homes generally opt for neutral hues and the reason behind their choice is that the model home to do the talking. By now you would have understood the impact that the model homes have on buyers and the reason why the home developers as well as designers put in so much effort to make them just perfect.

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