Ingenious food plate designs for a little zing to the table

Creativity and innovation are two factors that have changed the way we live. Be it a small thing or the big ones, creative minds have enhanced the features and purposes of those things altogether. This article intends to bring some amazing food plate designs to your notice that are unique and in no way similar to the traditional designs. Click through to find out some food plates, which are high on usability and the aesthetic factor:

Chat Plates

Chat Plates

You remember the chat bubbles, also called the conversation or the dream bubbles that crop up over a person’s head while he thinks or speaks in comics, these plates would remind of you those bubbles. Japanese designer Ikuko Nakazawa came up with these cute and peculiar plates that resemble the conversation bubble. The three plates comes in three sizes – small, medium, large, which you can use to serve snacks or small meals.

+/- hot plate
hot plate by Ami Drach

These plates are a perfect combination of ceramic and technology. Brainchild of Ami Drach & Dov Ganchrow, +/- hot plate is a design in which the designers have silk- screened gold and amorphic material onto ceramic plates. You need not worry about food that you would serve in these plates, as it will stay warm for as long as you want, just hook up the plate to an electric source and the current will pass through the design pattern on the plate and keep the food warm.

It becomes tough to hold your cocktail glass and a plate together and enjoy your meal at parties. Designers Matteo Bertanelli and Michele Di Monte understood this problem and came up with a superb plate design called the K-wine. It is a superb plate design with a space of wine glass in the middle. K-wine moves all the weight to the middle, thus, making the plate able to withstand the weight of a full glass as well.

Talking Plate
Talking Plate

Talking Plate is like a savior for many overweight people. It is a brainchild of Ukrainian scientist Dr. Hryhory Chausovsky. The normal sized plate has weight sensors that let you know the food weight that you pile on this plate. As soon as you put some extra cheese or burger on the plate, it scolds you as your mom does – “stop right there,” or “where is your willpower.”


The modern food plates have a design that aims not just to serve food but make dining comfortable, interesting, and enjoyable.

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