Flash drive designs that lean towards humor

Pen drives have made our lives so simple and easy, as they are portable devices that enable us to carry our personal world of music, videos, pictures, and work to everywhere with us. Creativity and innovation did not leave these portable devices untouched and has turned pen drives into artistic pieces. Following are some of the pen drives that belong to the category of funny and interesting pen drives:

USB Flash Drive Fingers

USB Flash Drive Fingers

Imagine an amputated finger tucked on the side of your lap top, creepy it feels, isn’t it? It is not a real finger though but very much resembles one. The finger pen drive has a design that makes it look as real as a cut finger, with fingerprints on it, and the reddish skin at the joint that looks like a real cut finger.

Lighter USB

Lighter USB

Fire and electronics have no match, but this particular USB design has managed to bring both these elements together in an outstanding way. It is a lighter USB that is a lighter and a pen drive altogether. The lighter can be refilled as and when required, and the flash drive comes with 8 GB capacity. There is a slider located on the side of the lighter, which you press to release the USB connector.

Credit Card USB Drive

Credit Card USB Drive 1

Some people love to flaunt a number of credit cards in their wallet; a designer took inspiration from this fact and came up with a unique USB drive concept – the Credit Card USB Drive. A credit card that has a pen drive located at its back, how cool it sounds. These unique pen drives are available in 4 GB and 2 GB memory.

Aroma USB

Aroma USB

Well this one is really interesting. It is a USB flash drive that is also a portable fragrance dispenser. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors, and obviously different fragrances. Just plug in this USB flash drive to your computer, and enjoy the fragrance in the air. A storage capacity of 2 GB and ample of fragrances makes this flash drive a must-have.

F**king dog flash drive

dog flash drive

This flash drive we have put on the last number but it deserves to be on top of the funniest pen drive designs. Just plug it in and see what happens. It makes an excellent gag gift.


Flash drives are ubiquitous now, and given the popularity of their use, designers have come up with various designs for these items. The designs are often full of humor and style.

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