Happy Escaping with Escape Hour: It is So Much Fun!

Happy Escaping with Escape Hour

Are you looking for a unique adventurous experience in the upcoming weekend? Or, are you looking for something fun and exciting things where you can engage your family members and friends?

If yes, then you can consider booking a slot with Escape Hour. Escape Hour is a renowned Canada-based platform that is proud to extend you the best-in-class escape room gaming experience in Edmonton and Calgary. Needless to say, Escape Hour has a bunch of fun, enthralling, and intriguing escape games that you can easily play around with your near and dear ones! And, you will truly have an outstanding and memorable experience for sure.

What’s Escape Game and Escape Room?


To provide you a quick intro of the escape games, an “escape game” or “escape room” is a new form of entertainment where the players are taken into a room. This room will be filled with puzzles and mysteries. Along with that, you will even get multiple clues, hints, and excellent strategies that you must utilize so that you can easily solve these puzzling mysteries.

Note, Escape Hour has included a wide variety of quest room and locker room games that you can play with as little as two participants. Whereas, some games even allow you to have more than ten participants as well. Note, you must book the slot before you start playing these games and all booked rooms will be private. The total available time is sixty minutes. In these sixty minutes, you will brainstorm and solve the enigmas with the help of your friends.

Growing Escape Room Industry


The escape room industry is not only growing but also it is evolving very quickly and rapidly. Escape rooms Edmonton have already gained massive popularity among the players. So, if you have not tried and played these games before, then it’s high time for you where you can engage yourself in such enthralling gameplay.

For your quick reference, Escape Hour is constantly adding new games to its list. For example, here’re some of the recently added gaming options — Five Lives, Bank Heist, Matrix theme, 5 Elements, Tron Battle, Senator’s Battle, VR, and more. Each of these games is ready to offer you a new format of locker room and quest room gaming experience.

So, if you are now interested to enjoy a quest for adventure, then please don’t waste time and book your slots right away. Please note that Escape Hour puts extra attention to your safety. That’s why every room is disinfected and cleaned before you and your team step inside to it. Thus, without any double thoughts, get ready for happy escaping!

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