A Brief Guide on How to Find Trucking Loads Near You

Find Trucking Loads Near You

Truckers have to find customers on a regular basis so that their trucks ply all the time. Truckers should make an effort to find the freight suitable for their truck/s, as well as the right lanes. This takes research and networking. Here are a few ways to find trucking loads, for good rates.

Brief guide to find trucking loads

1. Use a reliable load board

reliable load board

Load boards on sites such as Shiply are the best tools for truckers. These load boards have all the required information posted by freight brokers as well as truckers. Truckers can find loads matching their trucks and routes or lanes. Truckers have the option to work with their client of their choice and work whenever they want.

The top load boards will give you options that work well for your trucking business. Such as, creating multiple stops, so that you can book freight instantly, as well as maps which indicate the best paying loads/lanes.

You can start out with a free sign up, but taking a paying membership actually works out better as you would have access to more features, such as better security, and more loads to choose from. 

2. Contact freight brokers directly

Focus on building a good relationship with freight brokers, especially if it is a broker who has loads for the lanes you run, or is close to your home and also pays well. Be open with the broker and let him/her know that you are interested in working with them.

Providing good service to your clients will automatically make you sought after, and you might soon be loaded with business from the load boards. You can pick and choose according to the rates.

Freight brokers have their preferred carrier list on load boards, that allow you to book loads faster and get paid quicker. 

3. Include more than one type of truck

To get better visibility online, whether on load boards or other sites, or social media, you should include more than one type of truck, especially if your truck can work as a versatile carrier. For example, a reefer can run as dry van too.

4. Don’t look only for full loads

full loads

It’s better not to limit your search by searching only for full loads as then you would miss out on the LTL or less than load options. If you are getting paid a reasonable amount, then you could deliver LTLs when you are without any work. 

5. Contact shippers directly

You could try contacting shippers directly, sign a contact with them and earn good money. This is an ideal situation, and pays the best, but it could take some time to start working with a shipper.

You would have to win the bid, which is usually handed out to large carriers. But no harm in trying especially if you have electronic integration such as APIs and EDI which require a TMS system. 

6. Freight brokers

Brokers charge a commission but paying it might be worth it as it saves you time. Think of freight brokers as your sales team. Talk to other truckers to find freight brokers who pay well and on time.

Brokers are able to get more work than truckers because shippers who may not invite small owners-operators, do often invite brokers, as they have access to several small carriers.

7. Talk to the customer service of load board

Trucking Loads services

Once you pay for load board membership, then you can avail of their services. The customer service representatives can help you navigate the board, including making the best use of features.

When you understand clearly how to go about listing your truck, lane, rate and so on, you would be able to start getting customers and make good money.

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