Best Destinations for Luxury Real Estate in Europe

Luxury Real Estate in Europe

Europe in general and West Europe in particular has been at the forefront of luxury real estate throughout the world. Especially, economically stable countries like the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Portugal are extremely popular. So, if you are looking to buy luxury real estate in Cannes or any such popular destination, you would have plenty of options to consider from.

While most of the people buy luxury houses at these destinations as second homes, there are also those who treat them as investments. In both the cases, the returns are likely to be very favourable, as the demand of such properties is expected to increase in the future. Let’s take a brief look at the some of the popular countries for Luxury Real Estate along with the hottest cities there.

Best Destinations for Luxury Real Estate in Europe

1. London, UK

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Host to some of the most of the most expensive postcodes in the world, London is surely one real estate destination to keep an eye on. Properties like the famous terrace houses in posh regions like South Kensington go for multimillion dollars.

2. Megève, France

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France has become the centre stage of some of the most desired luxury real estate destinations throughout the world. While people are generally obsessed about luxury real estate in the French Riviera or in Paris, it is the places like Megève that are gathering most momentum. It’s mostly because of the popularity of the place because of its ski resorts. In fact, the prices there have risen such drastically in the past few years that if you are looking to by a two-bedroom condo with the chalet style, you’d have to pay at least half a million dollar for that.

3. Naples, Italy

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Who could leave Italy when it comes to luxury real estate in Europe? France and Italy are the two destinations that usually come to our mind when we think about living in Europe. In particular, cities like Naples that are popular amongst the tourists also stand high in luxury real estate.  The rise in prices there during the past few years clearly indicates that people prefer this beautiful destination over the more crowded Rome.

4. Porto, Portugal

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In the matter or luxury real estate value in Europe, Portugal is showing the same trend as France and Italy. While the prices in the capital city Lisbon seem to have reached some sort of saturation, places like Porto are gathering on value very quickly. Since it is easier to get Golden Visa for EU Citizenship, we can expect this place to blow even further in the near future.

5. Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Being the second most popular destination in the Netherlands, Rotterdam certainly has its share of pie in the European luxury real estate market. It’s mostly because of the fact that Rotterdam has the largest port in the entire Europe. Since Amsterdam is quickly getting out of reach for most of the people, Rotterdam has shown a great rise in property prices in the last couple of years.

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