Glasshouse living the dream of dwellers and stealing hearts of viewers

The concept:

Noting can beat the comfort that a home provides. From thatched huts to concrete buildings, a house has got many forms but still manages to spill the same warmth. Now is the time to greet a glasshouse as being nothing less than a heavenly abode. Nico Van Der Meulen Architects from Johannesburg, South Africa has come up with a staggering Greenhouse, which will realize people’s dream of staying in a glass creation. The house is nothing less than a dream with the idea of staying surrounded by glass walls adding to the overall charm.

Glass House

The 26,000 square foot home looks as if it has popped out of a fairytale and looks every inch a dream. It has a pattern, which is like a semi circle and nicely surrounds the garden area of the beautiful construction. Towards the north side it forms a horseshoe shape that is quite noticeable. The bewitching structure will not restrict sun rays from entering the premises, which will enliven the house and give it a mesmerizing effect. An unrestricted and aesthetically pleasing view is what you will get to savor from all the rooms of the house. The house gives a very open feel and is very glamorous, complete with pools, fountains, decks and patios.


The inside is as magical as the outside and manages to draw plenty of attention. From the living area to bedrooms and kitchen to bathrooms, everything is just so perfect. The dining room has been placed a feet above the family room and its 6mm high glass window, in the form of a curved enclosure, comprises of sheets of glass that further lean over the previous sheet which are held in place with the help of glass fins. The most striking part is the frameless glass folding door, which will wow just anyone and make jaws drop. The door runs all along the family room, dining room, gym, indoor pool and lanai, as it stretches for a good 70m. The family room awesomely gushes into the heated pool and lanai. If food is your weakness, then the kitchen will be a place to fall in love with a bar and BBQ all ready to greet your guests in style. When everything has been taken care of, how can your beloved rides get neglected? The basement has enough space to park 12 cars, while unfurling views of the pool and an art gallery.

The luxury:

Not every day do we come across home designs that give its owners the luxury to swim to the gym from the pool? Simply, plunge into the pool of water right from the main bedroom and go for your workout session. The outer pool along with the deck greets the lanai, which connects the kid’s splash pool placed at the bottom. Read book in style as you enter the study at the top of the staircase, which is in the form of a glass top, and has been placed above the pool. The shaded porch and balcony will help you unwind as you connect with the deep blue skies and fresh air. Enjoy a cup of tea/coffee with your loved ones while savoring the freshness around. The main suite features a built in kitchenette as well as a small lounge along with a projector and drop down screen, which are perfect ingredients to watch your favorite movie or serial.

Eco credentials:

The awe amazing Glasshouse has exhibits enough traits to declare it as a clean and green structure. The stainless steel and glass structure is poised over a heated pool, which works as a temperature stabilizer during summers and doubles as a heater when the temperature gets cold. The presence of an atrium between the family room and the kitchen proves to be a great way to ventilate as well as cool the room naturally. The use of LED light to illuminate the living space when dusk sets in save a lot of energy, while the use of a lot of glass doesn’t restrict the entry of natural light during daytime.

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