Fish out of water: Signal Snowboards’ new hybrid

“Fish out of water” is the latest from Signal Snowboards, a California based snowboards manufacturer, who have turned the business upside down by introducing a “hybrid” snow-surf board which rails on the snow as well as soars high on the tides. This out of the box creation, as the company says, is for replicating the feeling of surfing on the high tides while railing on the snow stashes. Folks! It’s no concept, Signal invited board sport experts to test it both on the snow and water.

Signal Snowboard

How did they make it possible?

The hybrid surf-snow board was recently introduced to the mass audience through Signal’s “Every Third Thursday” web show’s last month edition. The idea has been hovering over the minds of the Signal’s team for about a year before they were actually able to put it into application. Surfing and snowboarding are two different sports practiced on totally different mediums, and combining the needs of the two into building a single board is undoubtedly a great accomplishment. The board had to be more surf-like to sustain on the tides, therefore the team carved snowboard edges and interleave binding inserts into a snowboard to create what we can call a “hybrid” surf-snow board.

“Fish out of water” tested by Pros

The Signal crew took the board to test on the waves of southern California and invited pro surfer Rob Machado to join the party and hop on the board for some testing. Not only this, to also prove the board’s ability on the snow, pro rider Curtis Ciszek put the board to test on the snow heaps of Nelson, British Columbia. Both the athletes seemed pretty impressed by the board’s abilities.

This revolutionary hybrid surf-snow board is definitely intriguing for snowboard and surfing enthusiasts, but the product’s real abilities can only be boasted on after the sport’s aficionados approve of it. For now, let’s cherish the invention, it’s not something that happens every day.

Via: Gizmag

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