Five most amazing architectures in the world

Architecture has always been considered a pillar of human civilization. Ancient civilizations are often judged on the quality and standard of the architectural specimens unearthed by historians. In the modern world, architects have started experimenting with unique designs and technologies. They have learnt to incorporate new techniques in buildings. As a result, the new age architectures have reached a new level of exquisiteness. Some architects have drawn inspiration from the nature and followed its unique creations, while others have gone against the general rules of nature to build structures to amaze the onlookers. In this article, you will get information about five such amazing buildings around the world.


Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center:

This concert hall and conference center has been built in a small harbor of Iceland. It is a magnificent building made with dazzling multicolor glasses. It started attracting and pulling a huge number of travelers to Reykjavík. The previously peaceful and silent coastal town has now become a city full of energetic travelers. The LED light straps make this building look more gorgeous at nights. The unique structure of the Harpa concert hall and conference center has been designed by the famous and talented artist Olafur Eliasson.


Linked Hybrid:

Eight tall skyscrapers which are connected with each other are together referred to as the Linked Hybrid. This is a great specimen of new age architecture. It was built in 2009 by Steven Hall Architects. On the ground there is a lot of open space so that people can easily move around from one building to another and mingle with each other. There are shopping centers, school, gardens and restaurants inside these buildings. Even the stone and glass made bridges that connect these skyscrapers have shops and café.


Burj Khalifa:

The tallest building of this world, Burj Khalifa, is a staggering 2,717 feet tall. It is located in Dubai. Every year hundreds and thousands of travelers flock to Dubai to getting a glimpse of this unique building. It has got 162 floors. There are offices and restaurants in every floor.


The Shard:

Built in 2012, the Shard is a unique building with 72 storys. You can spot it at the southern bank of river Thames in London. The eight-angled glass made façade not only reflects the beautiful London skyline but also gives visitors a glimpse of the insides.


Parrish Art Museum:

The Parrish art museum has also attracted travelers with its amazing architecture. This building was built in New York last year. The architecture of this museum was inspired by the charming barns of old days and the small artist cottages.


There are many wonderful specimens of architecture in this world. Modern architects have turned their craft into an outstanding art form.

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