Innovative building designs that wooed us

Buildings nowadays have to be built keeping factors like cramped spaces and futuristic designs in mind. Also an important factor is to be as eco-friendly as possible. Here is a list of buildings designs that wowed us with the beautiful and innovative designs.


Innovative building designs that wooed us

IF you do not build a building that is designed well and suited to everyone’s aesthetic tastes, then it might just end up being an ugly lump of concrete by the roadway. Modern designers are looking forward to creating some beautiful innovative buildings which also keep space constraint in mind while designing it. We give you some of the most innovative and creative designs we have seen in recent times.

  • Rem Koolhaas’ design for 23 East 22nd Street, New York – This design is a playful and innovative take on the crowded streets of New York where a residential tower is a pipe-dream with shortage of space . It is described as a “luxury residential tower in a culture of congestion” by the designer. The design is well suited to rise high and contort to one side to take up as less space as possible.


  • Parasite Office – This organically shaped building in Moscow is a perfect way to use up all the extra space wasted in alleyways between two buildings . It is designed by Russian architects Za Bor Architects. It is a hanging design that is innovative and pleasing to the eye.


  • The Keret House – Centrala’s super-slender building is not for people suffering from claustrophobia. This design in Warsaw is to use up space between two buildings. It cannot hold too many people at once but we love it for the futuristic design of this building and how easily it uses up all that extra space. It was designed by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny.


  • 23 Marina Dubai – This 90 storey building in Dubai is the tallest residential tower in Dubai and overlooks the Palm and the Gulf. We love the luxury attached to this building with its well equipped private elevators in each duplex and 57 swimming pools in the entire building.


  • Tokyo Skytree – This architectural beauty is a broadcasting , observation tower as well as a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. The beautiful lights used to illuminate the tower everyday, alternating between patterns of Iki sky blue and Miyabi purple is a sight to look out for at night.

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