Deskbox is a clever desk with storage space that be closed shut

A neat looking desk that you can open whenever you need to work sounds like a real neat idea. The Deskbox is one such suave piece that has a clean cut look thanks to its planar outline. The simple design will easily blend with different types of interiors. Moreover, it is a great piece for compact homes like shared bachelor pads and dorm rooms. The tabletop is quite wide, slides downward slightly and will easily accommodate a laptop, mouse pad and additional work paraphernalia.


Basically a wall mount, this clever shelf also holds storage space. When the shelf is closed, it becomes a storage container and you can open it whenever you need to hit work. After closing the box, a tiny round aperture is visible on the outer surface. You can plunk a pen, pencil or any other perpendicular object in here. Not only does this look wacky, it also reminds you about the inventive idea deployed in the Deskbox.

But don’t worry about the work surface as it stays flat and sturdy even after closing the box. This happens due to the parallel mechanism slotted in that allows this section to hinge down. This handiwork is similar to the concept of compartmentalized sewing boxes. In fact, the storage space keeps the equipment placed on the desk safe and sound within.

The stupendous design created by Raw Edges for the Dutch furniture brand Arco was exhibited at Salone Internazionale del Mobile. The remarkable piece is designed by Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay. The duo likes to create functional pieces which can change form and can easily adapt to the settings inside your pad. Arco is a company that lays stress on research and innovation immensely and it is primarily known for its tables and desks.

Via: Dezeen

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