Astroturf wrapped ‘Quirky House’ compliments its natural surroundings

Using space efficiently is a huge challenge and most of the structures springing up are focusing on vertical expansion or adding plantation around the house. Along with construction activities to accommodate the burgeoning human population, one should also provide adequate space for cultivation and plant growth. People who are aware of this fact will really appreciate this structure of this structure. The plants and foliage clambering onto the walls of this building look really refreshing. With greenery all around the place, the building just blends into its background. Tall windows and spacious balconies add to the airy appeal of the edifice. The building, without a doubt, pays homage to Mother Nature.

Green Facade House

The place is streamlined and structured, so fans of modernistic architecture and people who like things clean cut and organized, will absolutely love the building. At the same time, if are someone who prefers innovative ideas over the standard everyday designs, then you will surely dig the makeup of this abode. The building holds white colored window and door frames along with concrete stairs on the outside. The same effect when replicated inside, by incorporating whitewashed walls and concrete stairways, brings in harmony.

Here are some facts on this breathtaking marvel. The grassy facade is due to Astroturf wrapped on the walls. Moreover, the designer has overturned a lot of traditional building concepts in this structure. The concrete stairs on the exterior have an oddball design while the door and window components that serve as railings are fixed horizontally. However, it looks like the architect’s nonconformist ideas have turned out well, doesn’t it? The masterpiece standing at Frohnleiten in Austria is work of the architect Weichlbauer Ortis.

Via: xzqt

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