Five avant-garde golf bags to protect your cherished golf equipment

avant-garde golf bags to protect your cherished golf equipment

Golf is one of the most widely played, prestigious sports in the world. This simple yet elegant game has only one drawback. The accessories of this sport are extremely bulky, comprising of a number of golf sticks, balls, etc. Thus, it is inevitable that carrying such hefty luggage everytime to the golf course is also really bothersome. Moreover, after a strenuous golf session, carrying a heavy golf bag back home is extremely frustrating as well. But asking someone to lend a hand is not a wise proposition as you can never expect everybody to obey what you say. So what is the solution then? Designers have thought in this regard and have come up with golf bags that are really innovative and extremely functional. Here are five such golf bags for you which are more of improvised gadgets than mere designer golf bags. They also ensure the safety of your cherished golf accessories as well. Have a look at them.

1. The solar-powered Golf Bag

solar-powered Golf Bag

This golf bag has been developed by the Dutch company, Soldius. It is a revolution in the world of golf bags. When you carry this golf bag with you as you go to the golf court to play tournaments there throughout the day, you will never need to worry much on how to charge your charged out cell phone or iPod. This golf bag comprises of a pocket device comprising of a solar charger and a number of built in pockets that have solar panels in them. As you stay engrossed in your game, the panels will trap solar energy so that your electronic appliances can also be charged when needed. There are four types of solar powered golf bags under this category, with price ranges from $200 to $800, as per the design and style.

2. SAAB Hard Case Golf bag

SAAB Golf bag

It is obvious that golf as a game will never loose its popularity and wide acceptance. Then where is the harm in getting yourself a golf bag, which will remain permanent forever. This idea inspired the designers, Bon Seop and Ku, who probably thought that sending a few more bucks on such a golf bag might be worth your money as you need not have to worry further about the safety of the golf accessories kept inside the same. This golf bag features a hard surface, which will not let the golf club get damaged while transporting the bag from one place to the other. Moreover, security is also ensured by virtue of the specialized lock and grip portion that has locking facility too.

3. Air Tight Golf Bag

Air Tight Golf Bag

This golf bag is on one hand a great way to ensure the safety of the golf accessories kept inside it. While on the other hand, its design is such that it caters to the principles of ergonomics too. This golf bag is air tight that prevents the gold accessories kept inside it from being damaged by air friction and dust. Its design is such that there are separate compartments for each of the accessories so that they do not get damaged by friction amongst themselves too. The design of the bag is such that the golf clubs are kept at the back of the bag for easy access. The overall height of the same is reduced in a balanced way.

4. Kaala Sports Golf Bag


When your golf accessories are kept inside this golf bag, you can be sanguine that they are safe. This golf bag is in the shape of a carousel that opens when the cap mounted on top of it is unscrewed. Thus, the clubs remain dry and safe inside the container. There is also a facility of locking this golf bag, which makes it convenient for you to prevent your favorite golf club from getting stolen. It is available in two styles, one with a battery powered case, which is priced at $430 and the other one is the basic form, devoid of battery and costs $865. There is also a Drink Caddie that serves you as much as 54 ounces of hot and cold beverages at the push of a button. The additional cost of this gadget is $100.

5. Patriot Solar Golf Bag

Patriot Golf Bag

This golf bag is equipped with a number of pockets that makes it easier for you to carry all your electronic gadgets along with your golf accessories in one compact bag. The base material of this golf bag is that of nylon or leather and there are thin film solar panels inside the same that have charging tips for electronic devices. The mini solar panels empower an internal battery by solar power, which is meant to charge all the portable

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