Seven unique Ninja-themed products for cool geeks

Ninja-themed products for cool geeks

The Ninja fever is really hard to go and the name itself is so popular that any gadget inspired by it becomes a huge success. The Ninjas are hot favorite of everybody out there and there is nothing better than these ultra-cool and adorable Ninja themed products. These cool gadgets are a rage all over and are worth going for if you really having a craze for the ultimate hero Ninja. There are plenty of such Ninja inspired products like the stars, various shaped swords and other fashionable gadgets which are not only awesome in looking but are also cool when it comes to use. Here we are with a list of seven unique Ninja-themed products for cool geeks out there. Have a look!

1. Ninja Shuriken magnets

Ninja Shuriken Magnets

This is something really awesome and cool and a must go for all the Ninja freaks out there. The favorite tool of Ninja was the Shuriken and here is a complete replica of the same cool tool which is now made into set of magnets. These magnets are completely deriving their looks and design from the traditional Shuriken and are so gorgeous that you will be finding it hard to take your eyes off them. Now you can have the Ninja feel with these ultra-cool magnets which are quite strong and durable too. It is priced at just $18.

2. Samurai sword handle umbrella

Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella

The Samurai is one of the highly used tools by the Ninjas and was so popular that people actually went crazy about the products inspired by these Samurai’s. Here is a cool umbrella which is completely inspired by the Samurai and actually has similar looks to it. This umbrella is provided with a handle of a samurai sword. Also the shoulder strap of the umbrella is nylon scabbard that is completely adjustable. It is priced in range of $19.99-$29.99.

3. Ninja star coat hooks

Ninja Star Coat Hooks

Here is something ultra-cool for all the geeks out there. If you are one of those who have been looking for something cool and gorgeous stuff to hang you coats, here is the device. This is a cool Ninja inspired star coat hook which completely derives its looks from the Ninja star tools. This star shaped hook is so gorgeous and compact that you will be unable to ignore it in any terms. The ultra sharp edges can be pierced into the walls and it provides tough and strong durability to hand the coats for a really long period of time. It is priced at $12 for each piece.

4. Ninja USB gamepad

Ninja USB Gamepad

When it comes to the Ninja inspired gadgets, the gamepad is one of the best among the list. This Ninja gamepad completely derive its looks from the Ninja-styles and also gives a feeling of holding something powerful and exotic stuff in your hands. The center part of the gamepad is provided with the face of the Ninja while the buttons are all unique and beautifully designed. This ultra-cool joypad is a USB device which is almost compatible with all the latest gaming consoles out there. Be it PS3 or PS2 or your Microsoft Xbox 360, it works pretty well with all. It is priced at just $25.

5. Ninja USB memory 2GB

Ninja USB Memory 2GB

The star of the Ninja is a rage all over and out there in the market you can find plenty of these Ninja star inspired products. One of the coolest Ninja star inspired products is this USB memory device which is extremely gorgeous in looks and design. It is really hard to ignore this device by its beauty and style and is sure worth of going for if you are really a die-hard fan of the Ninjas. It comes with a memory of 2GB and is priced at just 10,500 Yen.

6. Ninja hoodie

Ninja Hoodie

The hoodies are a rage all over and there is nothing practically stylish and gorgeous than these hoodies in the present market. These hoodies are not only stylish but are also gorgeous and fun to use. This is the latest trend and it suits most people out there. Now, here is a cool Ninja inspired hoodie which completely derives its looks from the Ninja suit. Indeed, this hoodie is provided with a complete similar mask as that of the Ninja. This is worth going for if you are really into the world of Ninjas.

7. Ninjabread men cookie cutters


The Ninja fever is hard to go off the geeks out there and this product is what is especially made for all those geeky freaks out there. This is a Ninjabread men cookie cutters which are made into shapes similar to the action stunts of the Ninjas. With various shapes and sizes a variety of cookies can be made using this cookie cutter. Each set of these cutters is priced at $9.

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