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10 unique Pac-Man inspired designs for retro gamers

by threeartadmin

Pac-Man inspired designs

The classic arcade game of the 1980s was a huge hit among gamers, youngsters as well as old. Pac-Mac still continues to be in the limelight with various designs and products inspired from the original arcade game. They still never fail to interest the tech savvy young crowd and kids and considering the interesting designs that are created with Pac-Man as the theme, you can be sure that the classic arcade is here to stay in the minds of everyone for years to come. For all Pac-Man enthusiasts, here is a list of 10 unique designs inspired by the classic game.

1. Pacmania Bowl

Pacmania Bowl

For solid Pac-Man fans, anything that even remotely resembles the arcade game would be a joy to own. These Pacmania bowls live up to our expectations. They are perfect excuses for having a bowl of popcorn or your favorite food. Comes in bright and vibrant colors like the classic yellow, green and purple, they are a joy for the kids and an inspiration to make them eat. The bowls which are shaped like a Pac-Man with a wide open mouth and a black eye, look great as a set. Use your imagination and device novel ways to use them as vases or even as desk organizers.

2. Pac-Man pillows

Pacman Pillows

Pac-Man pillows are for the ultimate Pac-Man fans. These are cute and soft pillows shaped like a Pac-Man with his mouth wide open to devour your head. Then mouth has black felt on which you can lay your head while you sleep. The pillow is created with yellow felt and bean bag beans and stuffing to create a sturdy pillow. The top portion of Pac-Man’s mouth acts like a roof for your head while you sleep. Excellent shelter while you are on a picnic or just need some shade from the bright light.

3. Martin B Jing Pac-Man Chair

Martin B. Jing Pac-Man Chair

Created by Martin J Bing, a furniture designer form Germany, the Pac-Man chair has all the appeal and sophistication to be considered for your home. Though it may not offer the ultimate comfort that you are looking for, they score well as designer pieces and can add that extra edge to your living room or hallway. This is still a concept design. But going by the number of Pac-Man fans out there, there would be quite a few who would be interested in this concept being realized.

4. Bookcase design inspired by the Pac-Man game

Bookcase Design Inspired by the Pac Man Game

Pac-Man has enthralled millions of gamers worldwide for more than 30 years. It is only natural that most of the designs created with Pac-Man as the theme is a runaway hit with Pac-Man fans. Take a look at this bookcase created by Mirko Ginepro. Made in yellow varnished wood, they are available in black and white versions also. They can be tastefully mounted on the wall along with a huge plasma TV to create a virtual gaming field worth appreciation.

5. Pac-Man seating

Pac-Man Seating

A beautiful Pac-Man inspired set created by QAYOT, the set includes four Pac-Mans and four square shaped stools which can be fitted into each other. The stools can even be arranged to form a bigger square which can be used as a table. They look beautiful as a set and are enough to pep up any interior which has sleek and minimalistic furniture to match.

6. Pac-Man chair

Pac-Man Chair

This colorful Pac-Man chair can be used as a gaming chair or as a comfortable chair while working on your laptop or for reclining and watching your favorite show on TV. It is also a perfect chair for your toddler who would love to hole up inside its mouth and dwell in its protected shade covering on top. They are perfect as a private space, when you want to stay away from prying eyes, whether it’s at home or some other place. Pac-Man chairs are made of metal and come with a cushioned black interior, complete with a red tongue to complete the scene.

7. Pac-Man Groom’s Cake

Pacman Groom's Cake

Designed by Renee White, for a groom who is an ardent Pac-Man fan, it looks very inviting and beautiful. This double layer cake adorned with the male and female Pac-Man on top, depicting the bride and the groom and is created from Super Sculpey. The cake is adorned with fondant decorations of ghosts. They look entirely cool and creative, if not yummy.

8. Pac-Man inspired runway show

Pac-Man inspired runway show

The spring summer 2009 collection by designer Giles Deacon would have come as a surprise for Pac-Man fans. The Pac-Man inspired designs showcased by this designer are trim and wearable styles. But the headgear is what interests the Pac-Man fans. Drawing inspiration from Pac-Man and the ghosts, the headgear featured camouflage designs that can be worn over the head or around it as a kind of shade or protection along with the dress. Though they may not be exactly practical, the all-round appeal and the huge hype around Pac-Man make these designs winners hands down. The domes are painted glittery a well as patterned and plain to suit a variety of color palettes displayed in the show.

9. Pac-Man lampshade

Pac-Man Lampshade

Known as O!ACP, this silicone lampshade emanates a pleasant fragrance when the bulb gets heated. The lampshade comes in three distinct shades and aromas; orange shade with mandarin fragrance, purple shade with the fragrance of cherry blossom and green shade with lemon grass fragrance. All three of them look beautiful and never fail to create an impact in your living room or dining space.

10. Pac-Man stapler

Pac-Man Stapler

The Pac-Man inspired Stap Man stapler is a black color Pac-Man with strong jaws that can move up and down to shoot sharp metal pieces through your important papers and cause them to stick together in fear! They are perfect for a Pac-Man geek and help generate a lot of interest and small talk around this simple yet very functional gadget.

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