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Cool and creative egg-shaped designs to catch the eye

by threeartadmin

Considering that Easter is just a few days away, people have been having increased cravings for eggs and egg shaped designs. But fascination with egg shaped designs has been common for a really long time. People feel completely awed by things or appliances that are in an egg shape. They are cute as well as great addition to interiors. Check out these egg shaped products that will not only captivate your eyes but are also functional.

Egg Shape mobile living space

This egg shape living space is totally inspiring and fills one with awe. This product is designed in such a way that one or two people can easily live here particularly if they have troubles living in a home. This egg shaped living space can be kept directly into your lawn. Its walls are smartly designed which ensures that you can accommodate all your books, clothes and a few electrical appliances. The bed is large enough for a person to sleep comfortably. This beehive type house has a small entrance for sunlight to peep in an also have a shower cabin for a luxurious, relaxing bath. For sure, this is a smart way to live.

Egg shaped chair

This one is again a charming thing. Designed by Karim Rashid, this egg shaped chair is a wonderful addition to your home interiors. The chair endorses a cool, vibrant color and is comfortable. The shell nurtures your body after a stressful day at work and provides you with an opportunity to spend some relaxing moments all alone. This is a good seating solution and can be placed anywhere in the house. Moreover, it can be used as a lounge chair. If you have subtle color combinations for your home, this chair in pink and blue can give your house a chic feel. Buy this for a comfortable seating experience.

Casio egg shaped USB printer

Brando’s egg shaped Casio USB printer manages to grab eye balls without compromising on its basic utilities. This printer has a compact design that can save a lot of house space. The print system is thermal and consumes less power as it is supported by a USB port. Also you can create labels with this egg shaped printer and print in any TrueType font installed in your computer. It barely weights 125g which includes the stand weight, making it one of the most light weight printers.

Two wheeler egg shaped car

People have always been fascinated by the idea of futuristic auto mobiles and Daniel Scotland’s creativity and unusual design allows appreciating the auto-mobile even more. This design is good for heavy traffic roads and has two wheels to run. The egg shaped car has a seating capacity of one person and is driven with a joystick. It is compact, yet it has enough space for you to feel the comfort. The electric motors in the wheels are another addition. This is a practical solution to the problems concerning urban roads. It also has a lithium battery for energy and therefore is a sustainable choice.

Ei- Max egg shaped baby cradle

The beginning of life is from an egg, therefore, what is better than an egg shaped cradle for your newborn baby. This attractive egg shaped baby cradle by Ei-Max makes it a point that your baby feels secure and warm even outside the womb. It gives comfort to your little one and s/he can experience coziness that cannot be described in words. The cradle has a high durability as it is 70% stone and just 30% acrylic making sure that your child is safe. A variety of colors are available to suit your baby’s room and have a high quality soft mattress to support your child’s little, precious body.

Futuristic egg shaped pet beds

Pet Pods are an excellent design for those who want their pets to have a little, cozy place of their own. This design is made from high density polyethylene and is safe for your lovable puppies and cats. Being a recycled material, it is not heavy on the environment and can accommodate even a naughty bunny. The three different sizes of the pod ensure that you buy the one that suits your pet’s physical stature. It also strongly reflects your love for your little pup or cat by keeping them warm in their very own personal space.

Egg shaped coffee table

Love to grab great designs for your interiors? Then this one is a sure shot great design for you. This egg shaped coffee table enhances the experience of coffee drinking and allow your home interiors to speak their worth. Also, this table has various other creative options for usage and its design makes it a perfect choice for displaying your newly purchased floating candles and lily pads. A perfect choice for perfect home interiors.

Cybertectyre Egg building

Cybertectyre is a firm in India that offers innovative technologies to its consumers. Its inspiring egg shaped building gets ‘wows’ from everyone in Mumbai. The whole idea that world and earth is constantly evolving, gives this building an egg/oval design. Also this is an eco friendly, sustainable building that allows people to appreciate nature as well reflects the firm’s policy of bring evolving technologies. The iconic architecture gets thumbs up!

Olasonic PC speakers

These speakers have an attractive; eye catching egg shaped design and comes in sleek black or classic white. They are less than 6 inches tall and therefore they are compact and can be places anywhere. They are provided with a USB that gives them power to function effectively. The volumes are not too loud and therefore users don’t have to be troubled by loud noises.

The beyond egg shape bathtub


If you are the one who loves to have some private moments in the bathroom and bathtub is a great idea of relaxation, then this bathtub should surely make its way into your bathroom. Designed by Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni and bought into market by Glass, this bathtub is a tailor made addition to your washroom and can be customized as customer’s wishes and demands. The design appears to be specially craved for the users. Another attractive, lucrative buy.



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