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With Rollin’ Slide, carrying credit cards gets easier!

by threeartadmin

Do you often forget to carry your credit card and memory stick? Forget the hassle as Rollin’ Slide is here. It is a case designed for the back of your premium cellular device. The case has been constructed to support iPhone so that it can smoothly pushed out or in. The surface is so soft that it causes minimum friction with the battery cover of your premium device.


The base is made of flexible material so that it does not interfere when the phone is slid down. The top part has chiseled out socket for the phone camera to project out and do not obstruct while you’re clicking. It has a groove on the left side to make room for the dedicated volume keys as well.  The multipurpose case has slightly elevated surface with perfect dimensions to hold your debit or credit card. No-one will be even guessing that it is there while you talk on the phone.

The case is available in cyan blue color that complements both the white and black colors of iPhone. There is a white color case available as well. The case comes with a memory stick that can be inserted into the case slot. Whenever you need to use it, just remove the slide and bring out your USB compatible memory card. You can also use the dock to rest your device when not in use.

The unit comes with a black film that can be affixed to your phone’s surface. This ensures minimum scratch on your phone. While inserting, all you have to do is push the phone from left side after you’ve already inserted memory card and credit card. It’s that simple! So what are you waiting for? Go to their official site and pre-order your Rollin’ Slide now.

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