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UV rays purify water for victims in need of relief

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Sourcing clean water becomes a big problem for victims of natural disasters. Camp sites are usually strewn across randomly amidst the rubble and all sources of water around are contaminated. But at the same time, providing clean water to victims is very important. Despite this predicament, victims of January 2010 Haiti earthquake could have a supply of clean water. An easy and effective way to supply sanitized water to these victims has been worked out thanks to the efforts of Edward Jones, Jacques Africot and Madeleine Dautriche. In this system, a very simple mechanism using UV light is applied to purify water. These UV rays can exterminate all the bacteria and viruses present in the water. The pump carbon filter cleans out the water and also pre filters it for UV purification.

Portable Water Purification

The device is essentially an elongated box. It has wheels just like a suitcase and can be rolled around easily. The built of the handle is ergonomic so you won’t have a problem dragging it over rough terrain. Its tires are not air filled but instead flat free. Hence, chances of them going flat and interrupting the urgent aid operations are almost nil. This easy portability allows the device to shift base easily and it can be transported without any problem from one campsite to another.

To use the device, just lock in an empty bottle and the UV light will purify its contents. While, the smaller survival items purify the side compartments. Use the handle to pump out dirty water. The control panel has an easy to view 45 degree angle and there is also a dynamo handle at the back. Fill out a bottle with clean water using the Spigot. And if you need to cleanse yourself, just use the soap placed in the slide out tool.

Via: Deng Design

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