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You might be a manager in a company, or a worried parent or suspecting spouse, there are spy apps to help you monitor anyone’s phone you choose to. Monitoring company-owned employees’ phones can help you know whether they are using the phones for work or whiling away time on chats or playing games, browsing the net, or worse, stealing data. Corporate espionage is damaging to your organization, and you can find out if any of your employees are passing on information to your competition with the help of spyware. Spy apps can give peace of mind to parents and spouses as well.

Check out these top spy apps which offer comprehensive monitoring: 


spyig apps

This phone tracking app lets you retrieve call history, block calls and receive call data (names, phone numbers, date and time of call). This feature can let you know if any undesirable people have been contacted via the target phone and help you stave off corporate espionage attacks. With this user friendly spy mobile app, you can locate any Android phone, track previously travelled routes and check on IM chats such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber. You can monitor browsing history and block sites and apps. SMSs can be recovered even if they have been deleted. The photos saved in the Photo Gallery of the phone can be monitored and any undesirable photos can be deleted, particularly useful if you worry about your teens ‘sexting’. This spy app for Android users can help you monitor undesirable online activity as well.

Spy Phone App

This spy app for Android users also supports iOS phones. It tracks calls and SMSs (outgoing/incoming), records surroundings and tracks location of the phone. It spies on browser activity, and Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook chats. It can also track Hangouts and Twitter messages, and block apps, sites and calls.

TheTruth Spy

TheTruth Spy

TheTruth Spy can spy on WhatsApp on Android platform without Rooting. You can read all the WhatsApp messages including status, stickers, photos, emoticons and locations. This user friendly spy mobile app has parental controls you can set up. Or if you’re a manager, you can be alerted about your employees’ chats and calls and if they try any security breach.

Phone conversations are recorded as sound files hidden from the user, which you can listen to later. Real time listening is a specific feature available with this app. This Android spy mobile app allows you to spy on any conversation you deem is potentially harmful to your organization. You are given remote access via a web panel through which you can control the target device with SMS commands. It sends alerts for SIM change and sends the new number to you.

Remember that to install spy app for Android users, you must have physical access to the target phone. Using spyware can help you monitor your employees’ phones and if they are aware of it, the phone will not be misused and productivity will increase. As for parents, monitoring kids’ phones can let them know what kids are up to, which otherwise is difficult to determine.

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