The updated 2013 interior colors for your walls

What’s new in the world of interior color? To know which shades are in and which ones are out follow this articles so that you do not end up using wrong colors this season. Discover with ease which colors should be used and which are in this 2013 which are not so in. Make your house represent your thought, your style and fashion. Use the best color to transform your rooms and make them look comfortable and inviting.


Accent walls

With interior designs getting inspired by the fashion industry accents walls have made their presence felt this 2013. The accents walls invite the use of bold colors. If you are not daunting enough to use the bid bold colors go the other way. Use lighter shades for the walls while spice the insides and borders of book shelves, window frames, cupboards and cabinets, alcoves with bright rich colors. Take inspiration from award ceremonies, filmy gossips and ramp walk to understand which bold colors to use. As color blocking is the new trend in the fashion industry interior designers have brought it to the walls of the house and making use of colors like yellow along with purple, blue and yellow, green and purple. Throw the colors on to your walls just the way your mind wants them to look as there is nothing wrong or right.

Cobalt blue

Another hot color of the season is cobalt blue. For those who are not of the type to color their walls and cabinets with the strong colors they might try out strong colored furnishers. Among the various shades the Cobalt blue is in this season. It can be used in the living as well as the washrooms in various ways. Keeping a cobalt blue sofa in the living hall and contracting it with lighter wall shades which are more natural and soothing is a great way to exhibit the deeper colors. These straight forward colors great a mesmerizing blend. Other than the Cobalt Blue color of the blue clan like monarch blue to intense purple can also be used to give a great combination.

Emerald Green

Tipped this season is the Emerald Green. The deep yet fresh color calls in nature to the interior of the house. With the recent trend to natural materials like wood, bamboo and a departure from plastic and chrome green is a great color to complete the wood and the bamboo look. To contrast this earthy tone re-arrange them with space age hues like golden, bronze and brass.

2013 is about the big bold colors reflecting joy, togetherness and happiness. Use the deeper shades to convey the deep emotions pent up. Do not worry if you go wrong. Try out your own choices for if these are mistakes it can be undone.

Soothing lemon

However for those who want to totally avoid the happening look but still want to be a part of the trend nothing can beat the lemon sorbet color. The Lemon sorbet s light shade which is in this year. It is perfect choice for those who want to avoid the saturated colors and also the mid tones. These soothing shades of lemon sorbet can be interchanged with other hues of yellow and can be contrasted with pastel shades of the pink and the vanilla clan. Sober yet empowering the lemon sorbet helps you to stay in trend and also complement the décor well.

There are various other shades to choose the color the interior with. Do it just the way you like and feel comfortable in. Take suggestions, read books about trends and hit lists to stay tuned.

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