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Sustainable solution to filter fumes let out from coal plants

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Despite the fact that coal plants harm the environment, they are still continue to carry out. Today, about 50000 coal plants are up and running. This is mainly because green technologies are in nascent stages, therefore unable take over the role of fossil fuels. Considering this scenario, Coal power plant mutation will definitely turn out to be a viable solution. It can considerably lessen damage caused by coal plants. Presently the concept is only a proposal from coal factory addendum, which recommends constructing a skyscraper on top of coal plants to reduce the amount of hazardous waste discharged.

Coal Power Plant Mutation

Looking more like a bunch of balloons swaying in the air, these skyscrapers comprise three elongated tubes. Starting from the chimney of the factory, they will rise high up in the air to a height of 1000 meters. There will be a bio filtering area right at the top consisting of balloons, which will arrest and detain all the waste let out from the factory. The smoke jetted out will get filtered even as it passes through the tube. Air filters with a range of densities placed at different levels will do the required cleansing. The chimneys on top will capture and sift through carbon as well as vapor preventing them from going outside. Vapors will be condensed here and the water collected will be diverted to the base.

The skyscraper will be made from carbon fiber steel. It’s props will be fastened to the foundation of the building and meshes will be used to secure them together. A lightweight skin envelops this mesh. The skin is a waterproof elastomer that averts the gasses and vapors from mixing together. Covered with sensors that regulate the air quality, LED lights and photovoltaic cells, the skin has an expanse of about 300000 meters. The LED lights have a very important function to deliver. Their twinkling vertical patterns aid in sensitizing people about their power demands.

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