RobeRope Hangers by Club Cocage reinvent hangers for messy folks

If you’re the kind of person who cannot be bothered to hang his clothes up on hangers and stash then in closets, then the RobeRope Hanger by Jan-Patric Butcher and Justus Kraenzle is something you should definitely invest in. The designer duo from the German label Club Cocage describe their unique creation as being a “storage accessory” though it can also be used to serve as a functional sculpture or a minimalist coat hanger that can be installed near a home’s entrance.

Hung from a hangman knot, the hanger is divided into hanging sections that are geometrically spaced and shaped to resemble hooks. The hanger is made out of marine rope and comes with a special inflexible design that allows it to retain its shape even when heavy garments like winter coats are hung from it. The entire hanger measures four meters in length and can be suspended from ceilings to provide users with a long, vertical storage space for hanging their common wearables within easy reach.

The RobeRope can also be used as vertical, exposed clotheslines which can be used by users to air dry their garments. Sadly, as appealing as the design is, it cannot lay any claim to bring 100 percent original. The design derives its form from the “Mess Hanging System” created by Luis Eslava in 2004 and the “Les Danseuses” rope hanger/hooks created by Atelier Oï.

Via: Design Boom

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