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Seven personal gyms to help you stay in a good shape

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Personal gyms

We all should make efforts to remain fit and one of our top priorities should be to exercise daily. But the modern, fast-paced life has made it tough for us to take time out of our busy schedule. The lack of exercising affects our fitness much, but we can overcome this problem by installing personal gyms at our home. The idea of having a personal gym is fast catching pace because it saves our time and also keeps us healthy and fit.

Here is the list of seven personal gyms to help you stay in a good shape

1. 4Fitness


It is a personal gym perfect for those city dwellers who find it tough to remain fit. This fitness gym can be installed in little space which will definitely suit those who do not have enough space in their home to install large personal gym. 4Fitness was an official entry for James Dyson Design Awards in 2009. This personal gym is foldable and it can be hung on a wall after folding. This personal gym is divided into separate sections including sections for strength training, endurance, balance and agility. One of the important features of 4Fitness is that the users can add new modules as per their requirements.

2. The Access

The Access

The Access is a handicap friendly personal gym which was an official entry at the 2009 James Dyson Award competition. This fitness machine can be used by both a wheelchair-bound personal and a fully fit individual. This innovative personal gym is perfect for those who want to remain fit and healthy by exercising regularly within the confines of their homes. The central tower of this personal gym features two arms which can independently rotate at 180 degrees. These arms can also be extended laterally. This fitness machine allows the use to exercise as per the needs. The height and weight can be adjusted using the touch points present in the central tower. The price of this innovative personal gym is still unknown.

3. Tuff Stuff

Tuff stuff

Priced at around $9,999.00, Tuff Stuff’s Apollo 7400 4-Stack Modular Gym is an innovative personal gym which can be used by those fitness freaks who do not have enough time to visit the fitness center. Tuff Stuff claims that they have manufactured this personal for use by three generations and it is made of high quality items. The Apollo 7400 4-stack gym unit can be used by four users at a time. This fitness center has Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Multi Press and Leg Press Station. The frame of this personal gym is made of tubular steel of 11-gauge. The gym looks stylish and attractive because it has Platinum Sparkle and Catheral Gray finish.

4. Kinesis gym


Many of us forget to follow our gym routine regularly and some of us do not prefer to visit the nearby fitness center to keep ourselves in shape. A personal gym is best option for those who want to remain in shape but did not do it due to one reason or the other. Kinesis Gym is the perfect thing for them because this personal gym can be installed in one corner of the house. Tehcnogym has manufactured this innovative fitness center. The Kinesis Gym features a full-gravity movement system which is tri-dimensional. You can try as much as 200 different positions of exercising using the tensile pulleys system. This personal is available in two models: Vision and Heritage.

5. Ferrari Unica gym

ferrari unica gym

Priced at around $20,290, the Ferrari Unica gym is a sleek and stylish personal gym manufactured jointly by Ferrari and Technogym. This personal gym is adorned with the Prancing Horse colors of the Ferrari and it seems that the design of this personal gym is completely inspired from cool Ferrari cars. This gym allows the user to remain fit by following 25 different exercises of arms, dorsals, shoulders, legs, abs and calf muscles. A key card comes with the package which stores the physical data of the user.
6. Technogym’s Kinesis home gym


You must have seen golf plated cars, TVs, motorcycles, mobile phones, cameras etc but have you ever seen a gold plated gym? If not then Kinesis gold gym is for you. The company has manufactured limited edition of this one-of-a-kind fitness center which allows the users to practice 200 different exercises. This personal gym uses under one square meter of the area. Milan-based designer Antonio Cittero deserves credit for designing the gold gym. This gym is worth 10,000 euros.

7. Xfit


Manufactured by Carpam Sport & Tumidei, the Xfit is a personal gym with dimensions of 90x60x160h centimeters. Priced at $6,332, this personal gym features 1 Drill rest, 1 motor-driven treadmill, 2 sets of rubber bands, and 2 dumbbells of 2kg each. The Xfit has 19″ LCD TV integrated in it with DVD/CD player. This personal gym is available in 11 different colors.

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