Panta Rhei, a hybrid between agricultural field and art pavilion

Christoph Muller has come up with an amazing concept that will bring an art pavilion as well as an agricultural field together in an aesthetically appealing way. Christened Panta Rhei, an urban farming land art, will bring food and art on the same platform that will leave people amazed because of the originality of the whole idea. It will be a great blend of natural and artificial things in the form of farming and art, respectively.

Panta Rhei

The stunning design comprises of a room made from ten funnels. This room is used to store as well as collect art objects, while rainwater is collected on its top that is used to irrigate the surrounding area. The tentacles of these funnels are used for irrigation as well as information system. The ends of each funnel greet the visitors in style as it works as wardrobes and displays. Trout, freshwater fish, uses the collected water as its habitat and can be consumed as well.

The design will also comprise of seminar room and a press center, which will prove to be of utmost help in case of a gathering. Art and nature changes all the time and this will be clearly depicted through exhibitions. The fields will not only be used for cultivating vegetables, but also for art production by visitors. Panta Rhei is quite different and will be a clear reminder that both art and nature live for a while and die. Vegetables will be consumed, while the pavilion’s stainless steel panels will get caked with rust and without a second thought will be dismantled.

Via: Sucker Punch Daily

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