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OmniPod Insulin Management System: Makes living easier with diabetes

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More than 24 million people have been affected by diabetes in the United States alone. Most people, on being diagnosed, either opt to learn how to use an infusion pump or have to use multiple daily insulin injections to deal with the ailment. The daily injections are a painful and old tech way to cope with diabetes and pumps are difficult to master.

Insulet omnipod

However, neither of these methods are suitable for people who need to stay active through the day and may not have the time to sit down and take their injections at specified times and do not want to flaunt their illness via the bulky pumps either. The OmniPod Insulin Management System developed by Insulet in partnership with Continuum provides diabetics with an easy solution to their woes.

Fitted with a self adhesive backing that attaches directly to the user’s skin, the device comprises of a miniscule, wearable insulin pump. This makes the tubing of bulkier pumps redundant and allows users a fuller range of motion as well. Depending on the user’s individual needs, OmniPod injects the wearer with a preset dosage of insulin at regular intervals automatically.

Thanks to a virtually painless automatic cannula insertion process, the OmniPod frees users from the pain of being injected with insulin. The easiest-to-use and smallest pump in the market today, OmniPod has been honored with multiple awards like the Edison Innovation award, the IDEA/Business Week Gold award and the MDEA award.

Source: Continuum Innovation

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