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Oceanscraper to make living in the sea a reality

by threeartadmin

If you have ever listed down a fantasy to live in the sea, then its time you relive the dream in the form of Oceanscraper. Like a skyscraper is an architectural marvel on land, the Oceanscraper will rule the ocean world in terms of brilliance. The floating building, designed by Hui Chen and Luying Guo, comes tagged with a lot of benefits and unfurls greater possibilities in terms of architectural innovations.


Oceanscraper is an underwater city complex, which is buoyant in nature. The cone shaped structure will come wrapped in a ring of living space. The center part of the design features a large bowl, which will let daylight enter the greatest depths of the awesome structure. A community of submarine apartments will be formed as the submarines can dock easily into the living space, which gives the residents added freedom. Submarines can dock in themed groups and can freely navigate outside the complex and even within the bowl.

Stationed at the bottom of each complex are two Borei nuclear submarines. Both the submarines are placed at opposite ends of the complex. One of them will face towards the floor of the sea, while at the same time the other Borei nuclear submarine will be placed in a way that it faces the sky. Each Borei nuclear submarine will have sixteen intercontinental missile launch silos, which will be used to generate power. The city complexes will fetch all the required energy from the power lines of the submarines, which will be directly connected to the complexes.

Oceanscraper, with its futuristic and smart appeal, will make living in the sea a reality. The massive complex promises to provide all the comfort that we experience while staying on land.

Via: eVolo

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