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Mount Gino stretcher system for easy and quick rescue

by threeartadmin

Emergency comes uncalled and uninformed. It does not keep in mind weather conditions or rough terrains and can just strike anytime and anywhere. Keeping this fact in mind, Mount Gino has been designed that will prove to be a blessing in times of need. It is a stretcher system, which will make sure that rescue operations in difficult to reach areas become quick and efficient. Medical equipments like these are indispensable and need to be present everywhere, irrespective of the location and climatic conditions.

Mount Gino

Mount Gino will be perfect for locations that can’t be accessed easily. Snow and water are two such things that prove to be a hurdle when quick rescue operation is needed. This is where Mount Gino comes into the scene. It has been specially designed keeping the ARS or Alpine Recue Switzerland and REGA in mind. The easy to use tool will make rescue operations faster and will ensure a safe transport of victims. The medical equipment is easy to carry and assemble. The presence of color codes makes the whole assemblage process self explanatory and hence easy. It is normally seen that two people or rescuers carry a stretcher held from either ends, which can prove to be impractical in case the area is loaded with snow and hence can delay the rescue operation. But, Mount Gino can be carried on the shoulders just like a backpack and can be promptly pulled together at the accident site without wasting much time.

The design is practical and has multiple settings for various kinds of terrains. Two long slide bars can be formed when all the four handles are fitted together. Such a setup will prove to be very useful in areas that are covered with snow. It can be pulled on snow easily, thanks to the long handlebars that have a flexible joint. The core has been fashioned like a surfboard, using foamed PVC that makes it a winner when used on water and snow. This makes it possible to pull or lower the stretcher with the help of carabineers and ropes, in case the rescue operation sees the involvement of a helicopter. The patient/victim is nicely secured in an inflatable bag that has a double bottom. Buckles are present on the shell, which are used to fasten the patient so that he/she doesn’t fall off. Apart from this, the patient can also be fixed in a sling by the rescuer.

The rescue stretcher will ensure a safe transport from the accident site if it is a difficult and steep territory. Mount Gino comes tagged with an easy usability quotient, which is worth praising. It will ensure that causalities are dealt in a better way and will shower lots of usefulness in case of an emergency situation.

Via: James Dyson Award

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