Luxury high rise in Lima has condos with private pools and terrace gardens

If you want a spacious house, you don’t necessarily have to build a villa or farmhouse on a plot of land anymore. High rises are getting creative with their designs and using space innovatively. Condos in a lofty building have terraces, roomy balconies, gardens and even swimming pools. Yet another addition to this groovy segment is the Sky Condos at Lima, Peru. The smashing luxury housing concept will definitely make people in the neighborhood green with envy.

Sky Condos

Owning a pad in here is like living a dream. What does the place not have? Apart from the spacious living area inside, the pads have their own terrace gardens and pools. How cool is that? Now you can have an open air lounging area all to yourself. The ground floor with a cafe is the common area where all the residents can spend time. The twenty levels of the building have three different types of condos.

Moreover, there is also a golf course facing the apartments. It looks as if the condos in the building are stacked on top of each other as there is one on every floor. The glass facade ensures that natural light pours inside your house. And, despite the see through front, the privacy of inhabitants is never compromised. In fact, it makes the building blend with the lush green bridandole on the outside. The cross ventilation is good too.

The structure was an attempt to build something different from the traditional towers that have closed in walls on all sides. The open floor plan with gardens and pools literally hanging out is something you don’t come across often. It really looks as if the apartments are suspended in the high rise as there is no barricade on the edges. This concept, which is quite novel for Latin America, will surely have an effect on the construction scene there.

Via: Dcpparquitectos

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