Jason Jahnke’s Slide Lamp redefines minimalism for light fixtures

We at DesignBuzz come across dozens of desk lamp designs every hour, though there are very few that actually impress us with the freshness of their form. The Slide Lamp by designer Jason Jahnke is one such concept that doesn’t rely on the traditional silhouette of what a desk lamp is supposed to look like and brings the regular lighting staple into the dimension of a standalone sculpture.

Slide Lamp

The Slide Lamp comes with an aluminum base that can be anodized or brushed according to the customer’s specifications. The L-shaped 3D base allows the lamp to occupy minimal space on a surface and fits in beautifully with modernist and minimalist interior schemes. However, what really sets this lamp apart from other such designs in the market is its innovative vertical lighting structure. The designer offers the piano “lamp shade” in either mahogany or oak woods that can be matched to the base chosen by the customer.

The shade is lined with a series of LEDs that light up in sequence as the user moves the slider control upwards or downwards. This allows the user to customize the intensity of the illumination according to their needs and save energy as well. The design was one of the entries at the 2012 Core77 Design Competition, the Dwell+DWR Live/Work Competition and the 2012 BraunPrize as well and we certainly hope to see the Slide Lamp in stores soon.

Source: Jason Jahnke

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