Five incredible underground homes

The conventional dwelling places are becoming boring for many people who believe in adventures. Some of those believe staying in an unusual place is very much challenging and a new thing to experience. So they have found many unusual homes where they can dwell in. it has been an innovative idea to construct underground homes and decorate it in your own interiors. These homes are naturally constructed so they are eco-friendly. You need not spend enough to construct the complete house though you need to design it to look good.

Let us discuss few of those underground homes that have gained popularity.

Buried House, Vals, Switzerland

The architects of SeArch and Christian Müller have designed the buried house in Vals. It is hidden from all sides and provides a perfect temperature to dwell in. The house does not require heating or cooling in winter and summer respectively. The location of this buried house is pretty exciting as it is made near the breath-taking landscapes of Vals.


Iranian Cave Homes

Iranian cave homes are pretty old constructions. These are believed to be around 700 years old. These homes were carved from natural rock formations to create dwelling places for people residing in Iran then.


The construction design of this abode looks more or less like a hunting lodge at the surface. The living space of this house is so luxurious that it would leave you astonished for a moment. These SiloHomes were constructed during cold wars and later they were abandoned.


Cave Home

The sleepe’s family had taken the initiative to construct an interesting underground property. The cave home is constructed on three acres of land with an empty sandstone cave in Festus, Missouri. They designed their new abode inside the naturally constructed cave. This home provides the dwellers with a perfect temperature to live in. The temperature inside this house never rises or falls whether it is summer or winter. Though the walls of this house sheds sands, the dwellers do not find it irritating enough and they find their house peaceful enough to stay in.


Aloni Underground House

The landscapes of the Cycladic Islands have inspired the Athens based firm Deca Architecture to construct a beautiful underground house named Aloni House. The house is constructed with the help of natural elements so it is very eco-friendly and low profile. The house is situated in the gorgeous valley of Antiparos in Greece. The house has two stone walls that are connected by a green roof that spans two adjacent slopes.

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