Designs with an Edge

There so many ways to make your home or building classy and edgy. But keep in mind that the designs can be easily maintained and repaired from time to time.


Choosing the perfect material

A wonderful combination of solid dark colors and neural light colors make the interior as well as the exterior stands out. Add some wood work or wooden geometric patterns to create an exclusive design. Wood in different colors is always a dominant factor. It also shows off the luxurious taste of the person who owns it.

Various rugs are now used to design the walls. One can cover up the walls with awesome pastel or earthy colored rugs to make it exclusive. Using marble or other light colored stone to the walls gives a very natural feeling yet very classy.


The walls or the accessories’ of the bathroom can be used as white or cream with a lot of wood  work like wooden sliding doors, or wood panels in the storage areas make it beautiful and neat.

The combination of glass and metal with some wood and playing with colors are the best ideas that the modern designers are now opting for. Leather can never grow old, so it is also added to keep that edgy feeling.


Contouring the interiors

One can even do with huge mural paintings in bright colors on the entire stairway to make it very fashionable. The contours and the lines of the stairway can be designed in such a way to give an edge to the entire building!

Some designers prefer to make puzzle shaped structures, particularly preferable in office buildings. Most life style condos that are coming up in the cities and modern towns have layouts that are structured in such shapes and outstanding colors. Every interior is made in minimalistic way, but with a purpose.

Most office buildings have now the mirrored towers. They are very experimental with the edgy cut so that the lookers can gaze in amazement. But modern designers have mixed the interiors and exteriors in such a way that that the entire structure should be Eco friendly too!


Future of the edgy designs

Every skyline residential buildings are coming up with multifaceted courtyards where one can enjoy and have lots of outdoor space. A subtle balance is done where one can relax as well as work in. The future of the architecture is in wonderful hands!

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