Design ideas in book shelves to amaze

Book shelves are another essential item in every home and have come along way from the boring little shelf hidden away in some corner of the home. Today they are the central pieces of the home and are can come with additional spaces for the home theatre set, some of them are like wall designs that can add decor to the room and can store a large amount of books thus adding beauty and functionality to the room.


The cave book shelf case:

This is a smart idea for those people who are avid readers as it allows you to do just that. This is a full wall book shelf that has a niche in the middle shaped like a recliner. This is the best way for you to grab your favorite book, jump into the recliner and forget about the world. This concept of a book shelf has a simple idea of merging a comfortable seating area with a book case.


Fairy tale butterfly:

This is actually a minimalist design and well décor idea that also serves as a book shelf. It is a single piece of stainless steel that has been cut into the shape of a butterfly wing and when the light falls on the wing, the shadow reflects into a full butterfly, the only problem is that it has enough space to place just on book horizontally.


Platzhalter Expanding Bookshelf

This book shelf seems like an average shelf for books, what is unusual about it is that it literally bursts at the seams. If you collect a lot of books, then this shelf is worth buying, this shelf actually expands horizontally using clever designs techniques that expands the shelf bay a good couple of inches.


Repisa N5

This shelf can maximize the square footage and shelf space-created by Sebastián Errázuriz, this shelf basically consists of interconnected slats that you can flick down to create a shelf, so you can be customized it according to your tastes.


The bed case:

This is the ideal book storage for small spaces and homes; this is actually a combination of a bed and a book case, the bed comes out as a mattress that can be pieced together like a jigsaw and dismantled and attached to the wall, the spaces that are then created are used to house the books.

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