Babele Lamp is biblically beautiful

The very word “Babele” or “Babel” has deep theosophical roots. A story in the Book of Genesis states that after the Great Flood, all of humanity spoke the same language and lived in the land of Shinar where they build a huge tower leading up to the sky. God wasn’t too pleased with this creation and decided to punish humankind by scattering them all over the world and making them speak different languages.


The word “Babel” was originally used to indicate this confusion and scattering though over the years it has been used as the name of the mythological tower mentioned in the book of Genesis. Being a symbol of assembly and dissembling, the myth of this tower appears to be the spiritual root behind the Babele Lamp created by MID aka Manifattura Italiana Design. The Italian design studio used a number of wood sections that could be put together to create the classic table lamp silhouette or dissembled to make other playful shapes.

Designed to inspire creativity, the lamp allows users to create custom light effects by removing certain segments of the wooden lamp which creates unique patterns of light on the walls and space around the lamp. The light gaps also help control the amount of light emitted by the lamp though the use of a dimmer would allow users to further create custom light effect via the lamp.


The lamp itself is divided into flat sections that allow them to be reordered and shuffled to create mini windows that can let out spurts of light. The architectural lamp fits in beautifully with minimalist decors though it can also be featured in traditionalist interior schemes thanks to the use of beautiful wood segments in the design of the lamp.

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