Five elegant and creative wooden gaming consoles

We have witnessed manufacturers adopting aesthetic elements and sturdy, exquisite materials to craft performance-driven gaming consoles for gamers across the world. However, glimpsing over the consoles that portray a beatific combination of eco-friendliness, style and complete usability may not appear so very common. Here, we are listing down five wooden gaming consoles that not only harmonize well with your room’s exquisite décor, but also swear up and down to render a truly immersive, real life-like gaming experience. Take a quick look!

1. Wooden Xbox

Wooden Xbox

You may have admired the aesthetic manifestation of Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 Slim but flipping through an Xbox made out of appealing wooden would sound new to you. Designed creatively, the wooden Xbox somewhere provides an insight into the logic behind its fabrication – avoiding instances of catching fire from overheating. Modeled after the original classic console, the equipment features a pretty similar appearance with an Xbox logo engraved neatly while four controller ports and power and eject buttons resting across the sculptural design. To sustain the primitive, natural theme, users can seamlessly connect the connector using a twine. The gorgeous wooden sculpture of the iconic gaming console further boasts of its controller’s ball-socket construction. However, no matter how hard you might try, this Xbox will just refuse to turn on and will never play Halo either.

2. Super Nintendo portable wood casemod

SNES game console

Enclosed in an eye-catchy wooden framework, the self-contained Nintendo casemod has been designed using parts from an upgraded PSOne display and features a built-in powerful sound system. The neatly embedded gamepad controls, on the other hand, endow the custom-built Super Nintendo portable wood casemod with a portable look – some may find it close to a huge bottom-half of a DS Lite. Users can conveniently piggyback this creative wooden console to their trips or while covering the ground from place to another – after all what a gamer needs is an efficient medium to keep those gaming titles active.

3. Mike Leavitt’s wooden NES

Mike Leavitt’s Wooden NES

Hearing the name ‘Mike Leavitt’ would probably have made many play their guess games. Having been revered for crafting incredible cardboard and wood sculptures of cultural objects that embody a wide recognition, the innovative creator exemplifies the talent yet again with the neatly designed Wooden NES system. Sporting a clean look, the pleasant looking device has been made using mahogany, cotton string and fir. The model further benefits from the acrylic paint to render a natty appearance. At the same time, the controller features the ability to smoothly plug in and out.

4. Wooden Neo Geo MVS

Wooden Neo Geo MVS

Infusing old fashion class to the framework, the lovely Wooden Neo Geo MVS offers an intuitive user experience by somewhere sharing familiarity with the PlayStation 2. Produced by Analogue Interactive, the custom-built retro-looking console prances with an amazing array of outputs and has been fashioned from 100 percent walnut. Combining durability with optimum functionality and beauty, the console enables gamers to indulge in classic Neo Geo titles while looking great under their room’s television. The retro system further focuses on delivering good performance whilst maintaining the natural aesthetic appeal. The company has already begun the full scale production of their Wooden Neo Geo MVS console units which cost around $649 each.

5. Steampunk PS3 Mod

Steampunk PS3 mod

Last but not the least, the unique Steampunk PS3 Mod gaming console features a beautiful, detailed outlining to complement users’ sense of style. Designed elegantly, the cool console features wood veneer finish intriguingly trimmed with brass wedged onto the curved surface. Perfect for gamers seeking a blend of sophistication and optimum functionality, the wood veneer gets graced furthermore with a pressure gauge, a pipe valve, assorted brass plumping parts and an old radio valve.

Although the pricing details for the others remain slightly vague, the above stated five elegant and creative gaming consoles are sure to enthrall any gamer who admirers playing their favorite gaming titles while going well with their style quotient.

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