5 design ideas we wish to see on future Televisions

Television has become a necessity for every individual. With the development of modern world, people are unable to resist eight megapixel images. However they are still not satisfied. They are waiting for a better television which will follow the commands and choices easily. Because of the demands many new ideas and innovations are being developed to satisfy all the customers.

5 design ideas we wish to see on future Televisions are-

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Talking television– within few years talking television will be developed. These new smart televisions will have ears and eyes. There will be presence of camera in the television which will pop out every time anyone who will enter the television room. They will have machines and mechanisms which will recognize the face of every individual when they will enter the room. Their choices will be stored. One will not have to search channels to watch their favorite programs. They will automatically load the customized home screen according to individual’s choice. The remote will have microphone where one will just have to give the instructions properly and the desired channel will pop out.

Water television– this is another innovation for television on future. This television uses spray of water at the bottom of the television. This aqua based television is reliant on water as wind and rain is reliant on air. The air and light is pushed up towards the water droplets to create a virtual screen. This screen is capable of both, touch screen features which is quite interactive and high quality and definition images. This television is also best for bathroom where the chances of getting electric shock are not there. This idea is genuinely new and of course to develop this idea it will take time.


Television having NFC– gadgets can be linked together simply by NFC. Nowadays method such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi and cables will not be required in the future anymore. This new idea will ease up the process of connection with television. One will easily connect their iphones and smart phones with television by simply touching the corners of this high tech television.   This NFC will be the new port of call on television as well as on audio system. Playing music will become very easy and even sharing them with others will be dealt effortlessly. There will be no need of passwords again and again for connecting each other.

Upgradeable television– there are now options of upgrading television. This will actually happen. With new Samsung evolution kit, every Samsung television can be upgraded with the latest television. In this way lesser televisions will be discarded and thus lesser pollution. The software in the television will help in upgrading the hardware of the television. The hardware will be just a small piece at the back of the television. It will upgrade even if there is slight change in the Samsung television development automatically. This will produce best image with image quality and sound. This television will be best for everyone but is especially for environment altruism.

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Copying from television to tablet– this is also a new and most innovative idea where one will be able to copy images, songs and other things from television to the tablet. Anything in the USB will be easily and effortlessly copied to the tablet. People can actually carry whatever they want in their tablet. They can watch whenever they want.

By adding applications, second screens and more television tuners, will change the mode of watching television. It will be better experience and more easily operated. The new ideas will enhance the experience of watching television.

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