12 Futuristic Concepts

Many a times it happens that we have very wild and unique thoughts in our mind but due to lack of knowledge and resources we can’t fulfil it. But some of the designers have designed very distinctive cells. Some of the strangest phone notions till date are explained below

For American designer Michael Laut, who designed the Radia concept phone, is a phone with complete simplicity, sleek design, and has a spherical built, with a capacitive touch screen and sized perfectly to fit in the pocket of this gentleman.


The next design of the phone is by a Russian designer IlshatGaripov’sKambala, as per the design of phone, the middle part of this device can be busted out and this can clip with the ear of the person and thus makes it very handy. The phone can also change color to match the skin due to the camouflage qualities of a chameleon.

Brazilian designer Dinard de Mata designed a phone that has a curved shaped with a light emitting diode and this was specially designed to wrap around the wrist to solve the purpose of wearing a bracelet.

The next phone was designed by a Ukrainian designer AleksandrMukomelov’. His phone is made from an  innovative idea, and according to his phone, there is a screen that operates at the touch of the person and a mobile script in it that can be extended and it stiffens with the electric current and this is phone is ideally suited for watching images and movies


Shikun Sun’s DrawBraille designed a phone with a complete noble cause and to help the impaired people he designed a phone braille finger pad and a display screen with mechanically raised points.

Russian designer KamilIzrailov designed a phone that is made up with different square shaped blocks that are held together by micro locks. One of the best things about this device is that each part in this phone or the block can be used separately as phone or tablet.

The Rollerphone by Alexey Chugunnikov is a high-tech phone made with the idea to bridge a perfect grip between the ear and the phone and thus it is designed in such a way that it can be tied around the wrist and the rest of the screen can be unfolded and extended.

The iPhone pro concept by Jinyoung Choi’s was designed with a view of photography in mind. The phone comes along a detachable DSLR lens, microphone and projector.


The mobile phone by Ryan Harc’s is a very unique phone and one might miss undertake this phone with a piece of wood as it exactly resembles with the latter but it is actually a sleek mobile phone with slide out display and it is touch sensitive with a digital camera and an Mp3 player.

Polish industrial designer Michal Bonikows designed a phone keeping the popularity of Facebook in mind and thus his phone consists of a 100 GB of storage memory with Facebook as the home button and Facebook cloud service as well. Not just Facebook, but this phone can be used for clicking some nice pictures and shooting videos as well with its front and back camera.

The mobile phone represented by this Italian designer Stefano Casanova is more than just a normal phone, it features a projector as well in it and thus this enables the person to display his inputs on a screen or on any of the flat and even surface.

Korean designer SeunggiBaek’s cell phone serves both the purposes and wishes of the user; it has a touch screen keypad on one side and a raised bubble keyboard on the other side.

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