Make a style statement with traditional British Country Clothing

style statement with traditional British Country Clothing

Traditional British country clothing can sometimes be considered a very classy, but also niche look, however there is a lot of flexibility and ability to mix and match too.

The full tweed ensemble often worn during a shoot within the rolling green pastures of the British countryside is a striking and iconic look that involves tweed jackets, waistcoats and tweed trousers and has remained to this day, a classy and unforgettable look.

Those who live within the countryside in England, often see and get very often involved in a shoot day. Therefore, this might be familiar to them.  During the year, most of us tend to mix and match our outfits which can give us a fantastically versatile array of opportunities.

Casual Friday evening dress in British Countryside

During a Friday evening people tend to wear a checked shirt with some jeans and depending on the weather, pull on my wax jacket and stroll down to my local pub. However, this clothing also offers a great smart casual look!  Wearing a smart shirt along with my tweed jacket and brown brogues which generally tends to receive really positive comments.

Where to go?

Whichever way you chose to wear your country attire, make sure it’s of high quality, so it lasts! You can choose it from Rydale country clothing. After reading up on them, you might notice that they source only the very best materials and design in the UK. Hard wearing, durability seems to be one of the best aspects of this style of clothing, aside from the look of course!

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