Curvy tap makes public drinking water facilities easily accessible

Bottled water remains a popular choice while traveling as most public sources of water are grubby and unhygienic. But this increased usage of plastic bottles does create a nuisance as it forms a huge chunk of non biodegradable waste littering the planet. So, it is important to replace bottled water with another viable source. This is exactly where industrial designer Sarah Elizabeth Blott has made an invaluable contribution. The new public water fountain designed by her will surely change perception about civic drinking water facilities.

Public Drinking Fountain

After playing around with many shapes, she finally settled on a curved spout stemming out of an upright base. The design resembles swinging curvilinear forms that we see often in nature like trees and branches. It consists of a spigot through which water spurts out and then gushes back to ground zero. A drain would be built for its indoor installation while the outdoor facilities will have water seeping into the ground. The neat and suave design will look striking in any garden or pathway.

The design is quite amenable and most people will approach it easily. Also, the idea was to create a design that mimics the activity of water coming out of the ground. It should convey how water gushes out from a spot and then flows to some other place. With a press of a button, which is located at the mouth of the tap, water can be easily filled in any bottle. Another great feature of this design is that it can be accessed easily by wheelchair bound people also.

Via: Sarah Blott

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