Citylight harnesses your workout to illuminate streets

Creativity blended with reusability is the need of the hour. We get to see so many energy efficient and creative designs everyday and adding to the list is the CityLight Street Lamp that uses human energy as its power source. We all love to burn fats by using fitness equipments in public parks but never thought of using this burned energy in a better way. But where there is a will there is a way and some imaginative designer came up with the interesting design for the greater good. It has also been awarded with the Green Dot Award.


Citylight is a hybrid system that has been designed especially for urban areas. It works on human power as well as electricity. The traditional bulbs have been replaced by energy saving LEDs to reduce energy consumption. These lamps are located in public areas and come attached with outdoor fitness facilities that can convert human power to the lighting system. There is an interactive linear lighting pattern to indicate if the lamp is being charged up with human power and it also tells about the current battery status of the lamp.


To keep check on the calories burned and contribution towards lighting, the pole displays a monitor. This project is a step forward to save public energy spending by making good use of human kinetic energy. This innovative idea solves the dual purpose by helping people to stay fit and healthy and motivating them to participate in the green exercise to light up the streets.

Via: Green Dot Awards / Treehugger

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