Your Car Speaks Volumes about You

Some men are defined by their cars, and women assume that men who drive sports cars or gas guzzlers tend to be arrogant. Most women and some men too, feel that those people who drive eco cars like the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf were assumed to be intelligent and conscientious who valued safety- according to a new survey conducted by


The survey that was conducted over 2000 UK citizens showed that a staggering 48% of men thought that an expensive car would make them seen more appealing to women; this assumption was in direct conflict with 53% of the women believing that expensive cars made men seem more arrogant, while 44% saw them as self centered and yet another 38% considered such cars owners to be reckless drivers.

This is simply because of the image that sports cars have been plastered with over the years, high speed and performance means that you want to own the road which says that you are an arrogant person. Average cars are simpler in terms of horsepower, and people who want o be safe on the roads will normally choose these cars. Again the choices of cars that men drive are fuelled by their budget to buy one.

Some men were not sure about those drivers who owned vehicles for off roads purposes, with over 34% of them believing that drivers of 4×4 vehicles were self centered and 29% of the men saw these drivers as very rude.

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Women also had the opinion that men who owned cars like the Renault Megane, Ford Mondeo and the Volkswagen Passat would be safe motorists, who were also hard working. Owners of hatchbacks were considered to be modest.

Black was the most popular choice of color most people would want to see on their cars. Probably because it exudes luxury and danger or because Henry Ford has said it would be a good color for a car. Other colors chosen after black were shell or ivory white, light blues. Younger drivers chose bolder color like rust, red with accents and women chose pink, sea green and pastel blue. The age group and gender played a larger role in determining what color they wanted to see in a car.

How well you maintenance your car also says a lot about a person, if you have a poorly kept car then it can make you appear careless and unprofessional, especially if you use your car a lot for business. It goes far beyond having it regularly cleaned however, as it’s also important to make sure you stay on top of the mechanical side to it, this can include purchasing a new car battery and checking your tyres to save you from having any breakdowns, as people may see you as a reckless car owner.”

Phil Jones, the commercial director at the, says that the survey offered interesting insight into the way people see other car owners. Many of the stereotypes are still prevalent; people still think that the owners of sports cars possess a mean streak and are generally reckless in nature.

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