Yotel offers luxury airline comfort within Japanese capsule lodging

Yotel New York

The concept

These days, the combination of hotel with capsule room called ‘Yotel’ has become popular. The two companies New York studio Rockwell group and London architects Softroom – together started this concept. The rooms are in the capsule accommodation with first-class airline cabins.

The inspiration

The whole idea is focused on the concept of affordable luxury. The overall concept revolves around making the technology that gives vibrant and sophisticated look. This idea helps in delivering the optimum guest experience at affordable price. You can enjoy, spend great time with your family and have fun with your friends. This hotel was made by Founder of YO! named Simon Woodroffe OBE and CEO of Yotel named Gerard Greene. When first class of British Airways flight was upgraded, he decided to change the luxury of airline travel by adding a touch of Japanese influence in a small and luxurious cabin.

The design

The hotel is popular because of its capsule rooms. The New York Yotel have 669 full sized cabins which include VIP suites, first class and rotating beds. The beds are comfortable and are made of British-made natural wood. You also get the mattresses made of coconut fiber which promotes environment safety. The design of every room is made from the point of view of huge storage and extreme comfort along with modular furniture which you can arrange for every visitor’s needs.

On the fourth floor, the entire floor comes with open space which is open to both hotel visitors and the public. This floor also features a club, lounges, restaurants, meeting rooms, bars along with panoramic views of Manhattan. The windows allow natural sunlight to pour into the space.

Do not miss to see the façade of hotel. It is covered in textured concrete cladding system that comes with a curving white sculpture that hovers over the street, and three stories. Surely this hotel is great piece of art in itself. The white LED lights highlight its appearance in better way.

The target

The hotel came into existence with the collaboration between Rockwell Group and UK-based design firm Softroom. The project was started considering comfort and flexibility at affordable price in mind. It is a great example of efficiency, forward-thinking technology of their London and Amsterdam airport which has been changed into an innovative and affordable urban hotel. Features like bars, guest rooms, LED lights, restrooms make this hotel look great. The hotel is the great example of enjoying luxury at affordable cost.

Related trends

1. Japan’s 9-hours Capsule Hotel

9-hours Capsule Hotel

Japan, one of the most efficient country in the world, has come up with the idea of capsule hotel which is called 9 hours. It is designed by Fumie Shibata of design studio. This capsule hotel offers luxury at affordable value and in a minimum living volume by placing the necessary elements required for minimal transit space for businessman, day-travelers or the people who have missed the last train or are looking for the fast place to crash.

The design is extremely sophisticated with minimalistic addition. It is white and black, representing the character through a series of typographies on floor and walls so that proper guidance can be given to you about the hotel. While entering you have to remove your shoes and place them in locker at the lobby till you reach to your capsule with facilities provided at luxurious level. The hotel is in Japan from 30 years and its first opening was in 1979 in Osaka. The idea of such luxurious place is however not started yet in London, Paris, or New York, but the designer is hoping to soon launch the elegance in design in other countries too.

2. Asakusa Capsule Hotel

Asakusa Capsule Hotel

This hotel is situated about 100 feet on the right of the exits side of subway station. It features TV/Radio speaker, some panic button. The Asakusa Capsule Hotel is located about 100 feet to the right of the #4 exit of the subway station, alarm clock, and volume knob. For changing the channels all you have to do is press the small black button. The TV comes in a good size which you can see inside the capsule.

3. China Capsule Hotel

China capsule hotel

As said, Japan is the leading country to promote the capsule type hotel. Another country following their idea is China which is competing with them in a great way. In china the first capsule was opened in Shanghai. This was surely a good time to start as there were hundreds of millions of people crisscross the country for celebrating the Lunar New Year with their loved ones. The hotel comes with 68 cabinet-sized rooms that are equipped with clock, PowerPoint, television, light and wireless internet.

4. Nakagin Capsule Tower

Nakagin Capsule Tower

Another famous hotel is metabolist projects named The futuristic Nakagin Capsule Tower which is situated in Tokyo’s busy place of Shimbashi. The building is 14-story tower which is very old. It was made in 1972 and includes 140 individual capsules that come with advanced features and functions. It also serves as a prototype for urban places like capsule hotels. The tower capsules are joint to the tower’s central beam which you can replace or remove as well. You can modify the small space inside the capsule or join the the capsules by connecting them to each other.

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