Wonder machine that plays music with 2,000 marbles

Technology has equipped us with several devices and now attempts to produce music through technology have gained success. Martin Molin, a Swedish musician has built a musical machine called the Wintergatan Marble Machine, filmed by Hannes Knutsson that produces music using two thousand marbles. Along with this, the music machine is powered with bass, vibraphone, kick drum and many other instruments.

Handmade music box

The Wintergatan Marble Machine is a handmade music instrument that took 14 months to complete. The machine is composed of three thousand parts including levers, belts, conveyor cranks and numerous spinning gears. In addition to this, the machine has beautifully carved pieces of wood, pulleys, tracks and funnels that collect and redirect the marbles. Molin has built every single piece of the machine himself and then, molded and adjusted it accordingly to give the machine a final shape.

Programmable Marble Machine

The idea behind making a Marble machine was to create a programmable marble machine that is easy to control with the sounds it produces and does not create any chaos. The machine enables you enjoy playing drums, vibraphone and guitar simultaneously without facing any difficulty. Moreover, a thirty two bar loop in the central wheel makes the marble machine unique and allows adjusting the song key even while playing the song. This wheel is similar to the programming wheel used in church and bell towers to play the music.

There are many other impressive musical machines but the marble music machine is one its kind and might top in various aspects. You may not see this wonder machine in concerts because of its large size and moving it will not be less than a challenge. However, the future plan is to disassemble the marble machine and soon build it in a better portable form.

Source : Engadget.Com

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