Will 3D-printed houses stand up as architecture

Dutch Architect To Design A House With No Beginning And End

For past few years, 3D printing has been used across the globe by architectures to think beyond typical framework and conjure more intricate and convoluted forms from ether. However, technology was never used before to build something bigger than prototype model. Now, Janjaap Ruijssenaars, a Dutch architect who uncovered designs for first 3D printed house of world, have brought up a great change. This Landscape House portrays the outline of unending and round Mobius strip that appears out of ground prior creasing itself in seamless rolling up band. Complex geometries of this 3D-Printing House are made up of printed sand layers instead of reinforced cast.

Working with artist and mathematician Rinus Roelofs, architect planned to design a building measuring up to 6×9 meter, printed with the use of D-Shape Printer. Enrico Dini, an Italian architecture developed the printer that uses stereolithography principles similar to that of small printers. This D-shape makes use of sand fused with chemical-binding agents to print sections as concave shell, which is then filled with fibre reinforced concrete for more strength. According to Dini, Dutch architect and his team propose to give great possibilities for creating buildings directly by pressing “enter” button on keyboard. It takes around 18 months to build 3D Printing House at a predictable price of €4 to 5m.


About Janjaap Ruijssenaars’ 3D Printed House

Dutch architect Ruijssenaars designed a 12,000sqft House without nay beginning and end. This plan has been enforced by building everything using 3D printer. This conceptual two-storey Universe Architecture’s Landscape House was created in Amsterdam to remind you of popular “Mobius Strip”. Mobius strip is a surface rolled up in endless band that was brought into notice by 20th century demonstrator and designer M.C. Escher. This design is truly an inspiration for some of the popular architects worldwide. Moreover, essence of this unending landscape underlines the fact that universe has no end. Considering all these decisive conclusions, Janjaap Ruijssenaars planned to construct building from large D-Shape Printer.

Enrico Dini designed D-Shape printer that can print stuff up to 20x20ft in size and add layers from 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Total price of project may cost $5.3 million if built in unspecified National Park of Brazil that has revealed its interest in 3D printing house. In addition to this, there are probabilities of implementing this shape as private abode in United States. Janjaap Ruijssenaars also confirmed in a statement that building could be proposed as home or museum featuring parts made up of concrete printed with the use of emulsion binding and broken-up rocks. Steel together with glass provide façade to this ongoing structure. With this plan, Janjaap Ruijssenaars aspire to have first 3D printed house in order to bring in something that can revivify the way you live.


Technology Used in D-Shape Printer

D-Shape Printer is actually a latest mechanical building system that uses new materials for creating preeminent stone-like structure. This new mechanism brings about several ways to create large sandstone buildings without any human intervention. Using stereolithography 3D-Priting process that utilizes sand and unique inorganic binder for operation, this building has grown out to be a success stone for architects. As a latest building technology, D-Shape printer will transform the way architectures plan to design a structure. Other than the availability of building machinery like cranes, concrete mixers, form works, pumps and moulds, building industry nowadays rely on manual intrusion of trained and professional builders who can easily operate machinery. Process of D-Shape building is almost similar to typical printing process. D-Shape bears a resemblance to large aluminium structure that constructs the building using software popular as CAD-CAM to drive machinery throughout building process.

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