Whirlpool Orvalho Vapor Condenser produces drinkable water out of thin air

Even in places that experience high humidity, obtaining clean drinking water can be a bit of a problem since the risk of tap water being contaminated is also high. The Whirlpool Orvalho Vapor Condenser Concept by designers Ibsen Caldas and Leonardo Barelli provides an alternative solution to the water shortage problems experienced by people in such regions and provides an effective and safe alternative to rainwater harvesting for drinking water.


The Orvalho Vapor Condenser basically accelerates the process of condensation, which allows the humidity in the air to be collected as droplets of water. Once collected in a reservoir, the water is passed through a series of filters and a process of mineralization that purifies and makes it safe for human consumption. Depending on one’s requirement and the weather conditions, one can preset the appliance to deliver cold, hot or flavored water.

This function makes it ideal for both tropical climates as well as colder parts of the world that experience high humidity where inhabitants often need to travel great distances to collect drinkable water. The design is created to run without any electricity as well which makes it a truly portable product that can be used by explorers, outdoorsmen, the military as well as people traveling aboard boats.

Source: Ibsen Caldas

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