Weirdest shoe designs of last year

Shoes are as important as the clothes you wear and people go to great lengths to find the right shoe. However some designs can border on crazy and weird. Here is a list of the weirdest designs of shoes that we saw last year.

Weirdest shoe designs of last year


  • The Legs shoes – These look like the legs of the wearer and are available in nude to resemble legs all the more! Stylish and weird at the same time.


  • The Stool shoes – These shoes available in white with orange covering inside are made to resemble a stool. Weird and thus features on this list.


  • The Heel Forward shoes – If you are one for high heels and love how it adds height to your body, if you find it a cakewalk to walk in shoes of dizzying heights, then try walking in these. The heels which are usually behind the shoes are instead built in front. We do not know how anyone could walk in these. Definitely weird and crazy!


  • A walking piece of art –  This one has inbuilt horses and a tree to finish off a complete natural scenery. If you are a nature lover and love to show it off as well and do not mind going crazy, go for these.


  • The Mop-shoe – If you you’re your socks get wet after a newly mopped floor, then go for these shoes designed like a mop to soak up the extra water on the floors as you walk. Funny and quirky.


  • The Banana shoe – This pair looks exactly like a pair of bananas that you have just peeled off halfway. With the yellow peel and black ends this pair leaves no stone unturned to resemble bananas. You can wear them and go bananas! Be sure not to eat them off, though.

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  • A shoe for your whole leg – You put your entire leg into this one. Crazy and weird. We are not sure if people can walk in these. A must feature on this list.


  • A heel without a heel – This beautiful piece of feathers in pink are supposed to be heels but without any heels at the end. Confused? We are too.Designed by Alexander McQueen for the Fall/Winter collection, this one made it to the list as being one of the craziest designs that we have ever seen but without compromising on the beauty aspect.

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