Water Discus Hotel takes luxury under water for a serene retreat

The concept:

People jump at new and innovative vacation ideas and this new holiday spot will definitely create hysteria. Constructed underwater, the Water Discus Hotel is absolutely marvelous. What adds to the sensation is the fact that it has a disc like form like an outlandish space ship. The phenomenal structure consists of two discs; one built above the water level while the other one located 10 meters below the surface. Three perpendicular pillars run through the two discs and are linked by a fourth assembly that accommodates the elevator and staircase. The fantasy builds on inside the hotel also as it has a host of groovy features for residents. The hi-end structure will have top notch hospitality.

Water Discus Hotel

The Inspiration:

The depths of the ocean and marine life have enchanted people for ages. There are so many marine junkies out there who want to know what hydrographic surroundings and natatory life is like. Hordes of people are magnetized by mysteries of the deep sea and study of oceanography and this fantasy can be actualized with advanced technology of today. This has incited a Poland based company called Deep Water Technologies to come up with this breathtaking project.

The luxury:

A sabbatical in this spot will be totally worth it. Diving enthusiasts and pelagic aficionados will be utterly kicked about it. The terrain in the vicinity is quite interesting and comprises reefs and lush aquatic plantations. About 20 rooms will have a scenic view of the ocean. Moreover, living underwater does not imply that you will get isolated from the rest of the world as the place will be well connected via satellites and internet. Diving courses for beginners as well as advanced learners will be a lure.

The adventure:

Fitting in fun and adventure along with luxury imbued amenities in an underwater venture is a must. People who freak over water sports will be raving about the place. Behold the spectacular view of rocks, reefs, colorful fishes and sea anemones on your adventurous tours and sporty activities. Beams of sunlight will pour through the aqua. The diving center is located right next to the residential zone. The well equipped center prepares you before you take a dip. Get a feel of deep diving or simply spend some time practicing in the decompression chamber. It is also outfitted with fast jet skis, water ski’s, and motor boats for diving. The deep sea exploration submersibles for three and underwater scooters are a joyride. The underwater airlock allows you to go down into the depth of the sea without the need to come up to the surface. The hotel parked underwater, also has some pursuits planned on the sandy shore for you.

How safe is it?

It is obvious that safety and security will come to mind when talking about living or coasting underwater. But worry not, as the Water Discus Hotel guarantees this. Safety concerns were attended by the designers and also by the team regulating maintenance guidelines. Video surveillance and weather warning systems have been slotted in. It can withstand water currents and even extreme weather conditions like Tsunamis. In case of a hazard, the disc floats up to the surface. Moreover, the transparent enclosure keeps claustrophobia at bay. An international classification organization has been assigned to administer the design, construction and technical competence of the hotel. The firm is seasoned in the field of building and operating boats and ships. It also handles professional divers as well as offshore structures. The safety guidelines enforced will be renewed periodically and upgraded to meet the latest law enforcement standards.

Where we are now?

Mountain cabins and sea side cottages are a thing of the past. The tourism industry is definitely moving ahead by leaps and bounds by applying cutting edge technology and getting creative. The Jumbo Stay airplane hotel in Switzerland, Kelebek cave hotel in Turkey and Hotel de Glace made out of ice in Canada are truly outrageous. And another promising niche in this industry is underwater tourism. Apart from scuba diving and snorkeling, some spots for marine enthusiasts are the Singapore Underwater World, Huvafen Fushi Resort at Maldives and the submarine trips by Atlantis Submarine tours at Caribbean and Hawaii. Jules’ Undersea Lodge located off the coast of Puerto Rico is one the earliest underwater hotels that commenced operations way back in 1986. Since then, such structures have mushroomed and many are currently under construction. Some of noteworthy projects are Hydropolis hotel in Dubai, 7 story hotel in Instanbul and the underwater plane proposed by Virgin airlines. However, putting the idea into action is not easy. The Poseidon Resorts in Fiji was supposed to open in 2008 but is still under construction.

Related trends:

1. Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa Rangali Island

Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa

This contemporary wonder holds a 14 seater restaurant – Ithaa, at five meters below sea level. The Plexiglas walls and ceiling give a good view of the marine life all around in the Indian Ocean. At the restaurants anniversary, guests will get a chance to stay in here as the restaurant will be converted into a private bedroom suite.

2. Dubai’s Hi-Tech Futuristic 7 Star Apeiron Island Hotel

Apeiron Island Hotel

The massive futuristic structure planned by Sybarite Architects has 28 stories and a gigantic winged exteriors extending into the sky. Along with 428 suites, the hotel will showcase an art gallery, spa and an underwater restaurant. The $350 million project is located 300 meters off the coast of Dubai. A temperature controlled jungle that will house tropical species and butterflies will be erected on the top two floors of the edifice.

3. The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel

The dome shaped structure made from Plexiglas walls, concrete and steel will be built 66 feet under the sea. The main zone of the hotel housing 220 suites and will be connected to the land station or the reception via a tunnel. Spreading over 260 hectares, the hotel will come up near Jumeirah Beach in Dubai on the Persian Gulf. One will be able to marvel at the aquatic life around while staying at the hotel.

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