VersaLite wearable flashlight makes nurses’ life easier

Created by designer Stefan Djerkic, this compact and lightweight device serves as a more sustainable solution that solves the problem of flashlights being misplaced or lost. The VersaLite allows nurses to easily work in environments where patients might be sensitive to microbial exposure. Named after its versatile attributes, the device was primarily designed to be worn which would give nurses more freedom with their hands.

Wearable flashlight for nurses

The flashlight recharges on a charging base, which eliminates the need for disposable batteries, while the sleek design of the product limits the amount of bacteria or dirt buildup that may occur on a normal flashlight used by nurses. The smooth and curved contours of the device make cleaning the product easier which reduces the possible spread of diseases.

The VersaLite is created to serve as a multipurpose tool that is designed specifically for nurses. The wearable flashlight aims at improving nurses’ performance by allowing them to attend to patients when necessary since it renders both their hands free. When worn, the direction of the LEDs can easily be adjusted by pressing and turning the buttons located at the sides of the flashlight. This allows the flashlight’s head to pivot 180 degrees.

The attachment component allows the VersaLite to be worn and can be riveted to the nurse’s uniform. The user can also position the flashlight perpendicularly to the body by mounting the device onto the attachment component. This can be done by simply dropping it into its designated sockets. VersaLite can be adapted to the needs of each individual user regardless of the way the nurse wants to use the product.

However, the design of VersaLite takes into consideration every possible way a user might interact with the product since some nurses might not be ready to change their working habits. While some nurses might prefer just resting the device on a table and turning it into a lamp, others may be more comfortable holding the flashlight in their hand instead of wearing it on their uniform. The VersaLite is made to serve all these purposes with ease. The Flashlight can also be used as an examination tool, which allows a nurse to examine a patient’s pupil response which can be done by activating the central LED feature and illuminating a high focus direct light.

When all three LEDs are activated, the nurse has a better field of vision when performing routine tasks without disturbing patients’ sleep at night. The central LED illuminates a high focus direct light, which gives the nurse the ability to adjust the type of lighting desired. The LED controls are always accessible because they are located on the side of the flashlight and the nurse can wear it either backwards of forwards since the bottom control powers all three LEDs. In any particular orientation, the top control shuts off the power ad the middle control activates the central LED.

The flashlight is powered by rechargeable AAA batteries can easily be replaced. The VersaLite automatically starts charging when inserted into charging base. Positioned underneath the feet of the flashlight are positive and negative charging contact points. To access the battery compartment, the user simply locates the dimple at the back of the flashlight. The user must press down to unsnap and slide compartment out sideways to release battery door.

Via: Coroflot

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