Urban Speakers for Los Angeles give a face lift to Geodesics

A designer from Los Angeles, Donovan Ballantyne has presented a unique concept on geodesic domes. By using the basic properties of porosity and tessellation of geodesic domes, he cited a much needed facelift to geodesic dome. The renovation or face lift completely transformed the outdated geodesic dome to an aesthetic and monumental project.

Urban Speakers

The designer dismantled the geodesic dome by using monumental qualities and unintentional aesthetics. He considered tessellation and porosity as main components to provide a complete new look to geodesic dome and focused mainly on innovation, sustainability and technical advances. He suggested to persuade discontinuity and depth over a typology of surface and continuity.

According to him, domes are the most special feature in architecture because of their genesis, similarly geodesic domes are considered important by structural engineers and various scientists. He believes that a face is not a face if eyes, ears and nose are not present. Likewise, a building without proper architecture is not an architecturally designed building. The structural efficiency was highlighted by Buckminster Fuller and the main driving forces of famous domes like surface effects and monumentality effects were neglected. The dome built with these effects was Pantheon. This is in Los Angeles’s Pershing square and it is rock star arena of 1700 seats. This poses as a voice absorbing sponge and also acts as an urban speaker for emitting sound outward.

The exclusive concept of uplifting geodesic domes is gaining popularity worldwide. It is awarded at many events and nominated for several others. This was selected by suckerPUNCH’s land of tomorrow exhibition as a finalist to formulate a portion of it. This project was also selected for Sci-Arc Thesis Award. Along with these, it also got nomination for HD Magazine’s Annual Design Awards as a co-finalist.

Via : Evolo

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