Upcoming Phare Tower is energy efficient and has an aerodynamic contour

This marvelous structure that will come up at the La Defense business district in Paris will be quite a phenomenal addition to France. The edifice known as the Phare Tower or Lighthouse Tower will be erected by 2017. The 971 feet towering high rise is the work of American architect Thom Mayne and his team from Morphosis agency. Till now, this is the tallest building proposed in France and it will join the league of other extraordinary towers in the country like the Grande Arche and Tour First.

Phare Tower

Though the building doesn’t look all that pleasing to the eye, the technological break though achieved here is quite advanced. The high rise envelops a cutting edge skin that does more than just protect the structure from abrasive external conditions. The skin of the tower changes its appearance with the variation of light in the surroundings. Also, when viewed from different angles, the skin looks transparent, translucent and even opaque at times.

The soaring high rise also boasts of eco friendly features. Its steel diagrid form is a huge plus as it allows a tall tower to be built on a relatively undersized section of land. Moreover, the building has an aerodynamic form and will be able to endure wind resistance very easily. Its stainless steel mesh shields from harsh sun rays. Additionally, the wind farm on the roof will generate enough energy to power up the upper floors of the tower.

The curvy outline and double skin work to the advantage of the structure. They amplify the effect of glare free sunlight and also make the building energy efficient. Furthermore, the building is oriented along the path of the sun and will minimize heat gain keeping the interiors sufficiently cool. Also, the structure is designed such that they view from inside the tower will be absolutely breathtaking.

Via: Dvice / Morphopedia

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