Unusual Building Designs that have become Architectural Marvels

In the recent past, a large number of buildings have been constructed or are under construction across the world, but we wish them to have same kind of structure, which should not only be functional but also visually appealing. Only a handful of buildings catch the eye for their unique design and use of architectural innovations. In this article, you will come across some building designs that you truly call architectural marvels. Let us look at them one by one in the next few sections.

Solar Ark

Solar Ark:

Located in Gifu, Japan, the Solar Ark by Sanyo is a unique building that is capable of generating 630Kw of solar energy, thanks to 5,000 solar panels fitted over it. Interestingly, the building came into being following a big mistake made by the company, as they used substandard monocrystalline cells during the construction. Instead of throwing them away, the company decided to use them in the new building. Inside the building, there is a solar museum, solar lab and rooms where environmental events take place.

Death Star

Death Star:

Created in UAE, this convention and exhibition center at Ras Al Khaimah resembles a death star. Featuring a nest made out of steel and spherical glass, the building rises slightly off the ground, giving it an unusual look. The Death Star comprises a number of hotel rooms, convention center and office space with the giant sphere.

Busan Opera House_2

Busan Opera House:

Formed like a seashell and right on the edge of the sea, the Busan Opera House hosts various cultural activities, ranging from operas to musical events. The main auditorium has flexible seating and stage locations, along with rotating platforms, offering adequate space for both small as well as large-scale cultural events. There is also perimeter seating and same direction seating orientation to provide different viewing perspectives to the viewers.

Woven Tower

Woven Tower:

Situated in Dubai, the Woven Tower looks like a date palm tree with twining maze. The ground level is created as an open structure to depict the hospitality of people of Dubai. It also presents various shopping options on different levels to the visitors.

Metropol Parasol

Metropol Parasol:

Built in Spain, it is one of the largest as well as novel timber constructions in the world. Metropol Parasol is a massive construction that houses an archaeological museum, elevate terrace that extends the plaza and a farmer’s market, all within the building, and works as a full-fledged city center.


These building are quite impressive in their architecture and exemplify the innovation and brilliance of designers. Located at different parts of the world, these buildings have become landmarks for budding designers and architects worldwide.

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